Spatola Gelato (Brentwood)

Anyone been to Spatola Gelato in Brentwood?

A colleague of mine, who is about as discerning in his food preferences as Wilt Chamberlain was in his women, raves about the gelato here.

Any reports? Wondering if it’s worth a detour next time I find myself in Westwood.


No, but I will check it out tomorrow. Usually I hit up sweet rose creamery but I can sacrifice for gelato.

Not to sidetrack you but Sweet Rose on Pico has brown sugar and blueberry sorbet on soft serve.

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I had the soft serve at locol about a week ago and really liked it, very impressed. Def came away willing to try more versions.

I’ll give it a grade of ‘incomplete’ The selection was very limited but they have gianduia, Hazelnut, and their base with some mix-in’s that looked decedent in addition to your mint and salted hazelnuts of the world. In addition they had several fruit sorbet flavors. I was disappointed to not see more seasonal fruit gelato flavors - No Peach or Strawberry or Apricot… gelato flavors

Had the gianduia which was good with a nice texture, a bit gritty from the ground hazelnuts. I’d say give them a month or so…

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Mucho gracias.

God, btw those flavors and the sweet corn ice cream, which one do I choose???

Summer can be hard to keep track of with so much in season.The sweet corn seems to be around for most of the summer - it’s a popular flavor and corn is abundant most of the season. Other seasonal produce tends to come and go. So I lean toward those.

I think it’s peak season for blueberries right now - that’s probably why it’s showing up at Sweet Rose. Who knows how long it will be around, so I chose it. We also ordered white peach sorbet, strawberry ice cream, sweet corn and BLUEBERRY muffin ice cream. All enjoyable.

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The sweet corn and buttermilk sherbet with strawberries were fantastic based on the tastes I had. Both were perfect summer flavors. But I’m such a sucker for soft serve and I was not disappointed with the brown sugar and blueberry sorbet.


Good info.

But you did not try the gelato?

Sorry for hijacking the thread. These were flavors from Sweet Rose.

I love the gelato at Spatola. As good as any gelato I have had in Italy. I now bring home 2 pints about every 2 weeks. My husband wants his gelato every night after dinner. The dark chocolate is his favorite but he also likes the peanut butter and enjoys combining them. My favorite is the lemon cookie. It is very lemony with bits of lemon cookies. Pistachio is also great. They are very nice about letting you taste as many flavors as you want. So much better than Sweet Rose. I really hope they succeed. I tasted the chocolate biscotti the other day. OMG, it was beyond delicious. It took great willpower not to add that to my order.

Sweet Rose doesn’t have gelato.

I’m taking your statement to mean something like, “I love the burgers at McDonald’s. So much better than Chipotle.”

Trust me, I know the difference between Ice cream and gelato. I have no idea what you are talking about re: McDonalds and Chipotle as I never go to either one. I have been to Sweet Rose Creamery and Spatola Gelato so feel qualified to write a review . I prefer the Spatola Gelato to the ice cream at SRC

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R.I.P. Spatola. Drove there today and it has vanished. Sign is gone, place is empty. Too bad as it was the real deal. We loved it and having just returned from Italy were craving good gelato. :frowning:

Argh. Never got to try it.

I just think that area is kind of cursed for most businesss. Terrifying traffic issues + somewhat confusing parking (unless you already know the area) make it a bit of a no-go for many, I think.

Agree that parking is challenging. Yet, some businesses have been there for years and continue to thrive, e.g. Pain Quotidian and Divino. Maria’s has been there forever (but they do a big delivery business) and Subway always seems busy. I think they were counting on the after-school crowd as they had some kind of an arrangement with Archer School. Really sorry to see this fold My understanding is that the owner/chef from the former Osteria Latini was the owner/chef of Spatola. I also heard that he is now the chef at Amici Brentwood. Perhaps, he just spread himself too thin. He had a terrific product and it was authentic gelato, made on the premises with organic milk. No food coloring. Will miss them.

tried it once…pretty good…short life!

Wow that was a short life span. I’ll admit I never made it there, mostly because of the parking as others have said. My friends live walking distance from the Brentwood Country Mart so we tend to frequent Sweet Rose although it’s not my favorite.

I like Sweet Rose. However, once I started bringing home the gelato from Spatola we never looked back. Just a matter of personal taste, I guess. We preferred the milk-based gelato to the cream-based ice cream.I liked that both stores focused on fresh ingredients. Sweet Rose definitely sources from Wednesday S.M. Farmer’s Market. Spatola made classic gelato.