Spicy Thai Shrimp Salad from NYT

@Candy, did you see this?

A Thai Shrimp Salad of Myriad Tastes - The New York Times

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Thanks Cath. I was going to make Vietnamese Shrimp cakes tonight but I may give that a whirl.

We’ve got the grandkids and their parents in for a few days and no one is into spice. But I’m going to try to remember to fix this after they leave.

I’m not into food being an endurance contest so I will greatly reduce the amount of chili in the recipe. Some things get so hot you can’t taste anything. I bought Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees last year. I made the General Tso’s recipe in it. I took one bite and dumped it. Doug managed three before giving up. When toned down it was a pretty good recipe.