Spoon By H

It was a little frustrating to figure out what they will make now. There are so many good looking dishes on IG and Yelp but most are not available now.
I called them and they said to look at Instagram or Yelp for their regular menu (see below).
Which I did, and then called back and ordered the Pork Belly Dumpling Soup, which they did not have.
So I went with the Beef Short Rib Rice Cake Soup which was indeed great.

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I’ve never tried Spoon by H but Park’s BBQ is serving their short rib soup w/ rice cakes for like $10 right now. It might be my favorite in all of Ktown and half the price of Spoon by H.


Thanks! I’ve always been baffled as to why they don’t post a menu on their website. I was hoping for the pork belly dumpling soup to go with a dosirak, but it looks like I may be out of luck.

As of yesterday they did not have it.

Great deal. Their bean paste soup (doenjang jjigae) with brisket is really fantastic too, though it’s pricier than the galbi tang.

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does anyone have an update on this place or the owner??? she won’t accept my request to follow her IG. how sad everything that happened with the business, I hope it comes back one day :frowning:

It’s “permanently closed” per Google.

yes I know, I was just wondering if anyone is following the owner on IG. There was a big gofundme for her and she still has a lot of followers on IG though it’s private

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I follow the IG page. It seems like she does catering for events, but occasionally she’ll post a story with a food item which suggest you might be able to order direct from her. I haven’t tried yet.

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Their IG is actively posting and she’s apparently taking private orders (takeout, at least smaller than catering). Anybody had a chance to try yet?

yes and what are the available things to get?

I really did not like the boxes she made during covid sadly, but would do anything to get the soups or fried rice items she made from her original menu

My buddy got us tickets to the Rising Chef series happening the JACCC for the dinner featuring Yoonjin Hwang.

Honestly, this was a top two meal of the year. The flavors were dialed in (she definitely has not lost a step), the QPR was off the charts (each dish was like an entree size portion AND we got a bonus round of braised kimchi), and we got a total of 4 cocktails included.

Crispy Sticky Salmon Skin

Steamed Porkbelly Dumpling

Tteok Galbi

Braised Kimchi

Beef Shortrib Oxtail Bone Broth Tteok Mandu Guk

Salted Caramel Cupcake and Honey Yuzu Tea

The whole meal was :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: can’t wait for her to open a new spot (hopefully soon)


How much were tix?

did you get to talk to her at all? she’s been saying a new spot forever but doesn’t seem like there is any progress nor is she accepting new IG followers

@hungryhungryhippos 1 ticket was $194 all in. More than worth it for the amount of food + alcohol

@Rodeogig Yeah! She didn’t say much beyond that she’s been looking, but did make it seem like she’s as least closer to landing something than she had been the past year