Spoon By H

David Chang has been blowing this spot up on his podcast. I am a few months behind on the podcast so just hearing about this place. He actually has a 17 minute pod dedicated to Spoon by H that I haven’t listened to yet. I haven’t seen any reviews on FTC. Anybody been?

this place used to have a super awesome bakery next door, but alas no longer.

Spoon by H is good though. Can happily recommend their dessert waffles and korean foods. Wife loves their mochas.

Have had bingsoo and assorted sweet items there a couple of times and I think at one point they were selling boba drinks. I would skip the boba. Their desserts were always very good. Never had a savory item. Looks like they’ve ramped up their offerings recently and I’m sure this place will become super busy now that Chang is trumpeting it.

Nice place to stop by before a New Beverly screening. Their Korean food is definitely worth checking out. I’ve had their dumpling soup and cold noodles with pork belly, both good. Check on their Instagram for rotating dishes.

Anyone know if they make their own dumplings?

I believe they do

That is some beautifully plated food.

Their mandu guk is every bit as good as Chang says it is.

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Would love to know your thoughts on this!

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Tried to go for lunch last Friday (around 1pm), but the guy at the counter said the chef and the food wasn’t ready (i.e. manduguk and all the other savory stuff people are raving about). He said he wasn’t sure what time we’d be able to order?

Does anybody know what the deal is as far as a time-frame for non-bakery/coffee items? Is it more of a dinner only thing?

I’ve had the mandu guk right when they opened at noon twice in the last month.

Interesting…hope everything is ok over there, must’ve been some unexpected hold-up

The boba tea drinks are really average but the food is pretty good. The pork belly Mandu Guk dish is hearty. Almost like the cantonese cream soup you get at Garden Cafe then add in chunks of pork belly and really tasty dumplings.

Looked into this for you; hot food is back for lunch!

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In November [David Chang] posted on Instagram: “@spoonbyh is all that’s wonderful in the restaurant business … It’s my restaurant of the year.” Sure, I was curious but figured his mention would create a mob scene. On the phone recently Hwang mentioned that, after Chang’s shout-out, Spoon by H had its slowest two weeks since she’d opened in 2012. Apparently everyone thought it was smart to hang back.

Get the dosirak at Spoon By H!!! It’s pretty close by maybe 5 minutes or less on Beverly

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@PorkyBelly @JeetKuneBao No dosirak available on Saturdays. Only through Thursday according to their text message.
I wish Shunji was available for lunch on Saturdays.
Going to check out ADB IG feed for their special this weekend. Haven’t done Jon & Vinny’s, yet…going to be an interesting weekend.

I had Spoon By H’s Beef Short Rib Soup with Rice Cakes today.
Was really heavenly.
Rice cakes are uncooked and separate from soup (so they don’t absorb all the liquid before you get home).
So you have to boil them for a few minutes, then add to the soup.
Loved it, and especially, thoughtfulness that went into it.


Does Spoon By H have a menu online of what’s available to order other than the dosirak?