Sportello lunch on v-cay in Boston

The waitress at Row34 recommended Sportello and I’m glad she did - we had an excellent lunch this summer while visiting Boston. They had a nice cocktail selection.

They split a salad for us that had a large amount of dressing on it (under the lettuce so you could use as much as you liked) it and great greens.

The squid ink pasta was heaven for me, who loves squid tentacles and squid ink!

My husband got the rabbit pasta. Also excellent!

Though we were full, we got the cannoli - housemade - for dessert. I know it’s heresy, but I don’t much like them, though I think these were well done. Perfectly fried!

If I could, I would definitely return to Sportello!


I had a great lunch there when I visited, as well. Thought the rabbit cavatelli was a treat. Great stop for any lunch but especially if you’re heading over to the Institute of Contemporary Art.


That rabbit dish inspired me to break out of the rabbit a la moutarde I always make - sooo good!!

That is heresy, especially in Boston. Pictures look delicious. Oh… I like dressing under the salad too :wink:.