Spring, Downtown LA’s lauded French restaurant, will close by the end of the

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Another one bites the dust. Bummer. I had a great meal a while back.

I had a fine meal at Church and State, but it was not worth returning for. The food they served is not French by any means, you could kindly call it California French - very, very far from authentic french food. So many betters places I’d rather it eat at, like Ruen Pair or Aburiya Raku or even Lucques. When I saw that Spring was owned by same folks, I assumed not for me.

Church and State is very French Bistro, not California French. Here is a recent menu


It used to be better, lately seems to have lost focus?

Sorry to hear Spring is closing. It was never that busy the 3 times that I went.

Spring is/was significantly better than Church & State, though apples and oranges.

i think it was roy choi who observed that LA’s heritage is more asian/latino than european; i would expect only a small percentage of the successful restaurants in LA to embracing classical french cuisine as compared to NYC. but since the story is that they elected not to renew the lease, the main issue might be rent/location as they’re going to open a location down in OC.