SS+Al clad vs Enameled Cast Iron 4 qt pan

Dear users

I’m thinking of “rounding out” my cookware arsenal by buying the essential 4 qt large saucepan\pot.
The usual recommendation is a Stainless steel+Aluminum clad vessel, but I wonder if I can use an enameled cast iron pot instead.
I already have a 2 qt Demeyere Atlantis saucier and a 7 1\4 qt Le Creuset Casserole, both of which I love, but I’m not sure what material would work best as the mid size piece.
What is your opinion? If you had to get a 4 qt sized pot, for general, everyday use, what material of cookware would you go for. The slightly larger opening, slightly flared side walls and slightly larger capacity of a 24cm Le Creuset appeal to me (not to mention the good looks), but I wonder if it’s the best choice over something like a Demeyere Industry of All-Clad saucepan of similar capacity.

Thanks in advance!

I have a round Le Creuset #26 and a (discontinued?) All-Clad LTD pot (the kind that’s black outside and stainless inside) that’s just enough larger that the Le Creuset can fit snugly in it. The All-Clad heats up and cools off faster so is better for high heat. The Le Creuset diffuses the heat more evenly so is better for long, low heat, but I can achieve pretty much the same end by putting the All-Clad on a heat diffuser.

So I suppose the All-Clad is more versatile, but for aesthetic reasons I prefer the Le Creuset / Cousances. Over the years we’ve accumulated five round from #16 to #34 plus a couple of ovals and I’ll buy more if I find the right color cheap.

I think it depends on your style of cooking; if more braised, soups Le Creuset if you don’t mind the weight and cleanup. Alu/SS if lighter cooking and requires more agility. This is a really good pot for the price

Or staub esp with the rooster

Yes, that’s the Stainless steel pan I had in mind (Just the one made by Demeyere, which as my research suggests has a slightly more comfortable handle).
Thanks guys for the input!

You think enameled requires more cleanup than stainless? Why?

The weight just makes it less maneuverable in the sink. Surface wise, easier to clean vs. SS/Alu.

They are relatively heavy. I’m a big guy so I don’t notice that much except for the #34, which is a dangerous piece of equipment.

I’d get a 4qt All Clad versus a cast iron enamel. Cast iron enamels are great but not for everyday cooking. They’re heavy, slow to heat and slow to cool. Ideal for braising and stews. Unless, that’s what you do everyday!