Steak houses in SF

how in the world does my search for "best steak houses in SF turn up Zero!!! any help?

Three which are often considered as best are Niku and Alexander’s Welcome - Alexander's Steakhouse San Francisco and Harris


thanks bro!!!

Miller & Lux

Epic Steakhouse

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Traditional steak houses are unfortunately not much of a thing in SF or the East Bay.

The only one that I’d be very interested in returning to is Epic. They have ribeyes from Flannery and tomahawks and porterhouses from Olivier.

Alfred’s went out of business. The SF branch of Izzy’s, which is a step down, is closed, supposedly temporarily. Harris’ was kind of sad the last time I went there (maybe ten years).

Alexander and Niku are too Japanese-influeced, wagyu-oriented, and modern for my taste. Niku at least discloses their sourcing.

How’s the steak at Miller & Lux? Their menu isn’t as focused as I like a steakhouse’s menu to be. Maybe that’s just the sad reality of SF and maybe LA as well, so many people don’t eat red meat that a restaurant just has to provide a lot of poultry / seafood / vegetarian options to stay in business.

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thanks for the thoughts…it’s for a friend(really!) steak is pretty rare for me!

Party of 3: family style tomahawk ribeye scallops kale potatoes.

why did a SF site become LA centric?

FTC isn’t a particularly SF site, it has categories for places all over.

Most of the traffic is about LA. Luck of the draw.

other than my user name, am I missing something here about "LAcentric? I dont see a thing here about LA…

when I go to FTC, if I want info about SF, I click on SFBay Area…I dont get it!