Steak knives - why does anyone think they're necessary

One of the cooking emails I get was talking about a particular high-end “steak knife.” I’ve never understood the point of them. My regular dinner knives cut any steak we have/serve. If it’s a tougher cut of meat, we’ll carve in the kitchen but people can still cut it with a dinner knife. I have a couple that probably came from my parents but don’t use them for that purpose. If you do use them, why??? With all due respect, of course.

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When you can rationalize this


Can a ‘spork’ cut a steak?

I’ve never set a table quite that much but maybe half as much. Had a Southern mother back in the day.

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The coffee/tea cups and demitasse and tea spoons should not be on the table.

Also, an interesting etiquette tidbit is that a salad knife is used only for folding lettuces, never for cutting. :slight_smile:

Maybe all of your “regular dinner knives” are steak knives.

And you just don’t know it.

Very good, Bookwich. I usually have one wine and one water. I do have the dessert fork/spoon (one). I always eat salad (and other things) by ‘sliding’ the fork under not through the food. Is that correct?

Ipse, what do you have and use? My dinner knives, even my sterling, have enough serration to cut a steak.

My regular dinner knives aren’t sharp enough to cut some meats without an unpleasant amount of work.

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What about chicken which I find can be tougher than a lot of beef?

Let them hang for 2-3 days after you kill them.


I’ve never killed a chicken. But here’s what’s in my front yard several times a day!

I assumed you were being ‘silly.’ If not, flatware sets don’t include a steak knife. They have to be bought separately. Just a little FYI.

I’m sorry for you.

But you clearly do not get it.

Golly, gee, is "fuck you " allowed?!?!?!? LOL

Laugh. Out. Loud. Silly you. Go in peace :slight_smile: