Stella Mare's in Santa Barbara for lunch

Traveling north without the dogs is a rare occasion, so we got to try a restaurant without worrying about a patio for the pups. We made reservations at Stella Mare’s. Funnily enough, it did have a patio that seemed dog friendly. The restaurant is very close to the 101, though, so it might not be a nice place to sit outside.

The service was pretty good. We had one waitress come by and then a waiter, so there was some confusing as to who our server was.

Thought this salad would be more interesting, like a salade lyonnaise, but it was as described.

The pate was very, very good!

I rarely order hamburgers, but this one had bone marrow on it, so I took the leap. It was delicious, though I found one bite with cheese overwhelming.

Husband got the scallops with cheese and it was very rich and good.

We had some dessert with our coffee. I don’t think it was what we ordered, but it was good.