Stella - weho

fantastic opening night dinner at stella. the food lived up to the hype. already made my next reservation, this place is gonna be a hit.

unverified max, chance crawford, daniel boulud, travis lett and @CiaoBob all in da house last night.

foh seemed understaffed so service was slow.

@CiaoBob @Spicyshlomi @butteredwaffles review forthcoming?

salumi & gnocco fritto (not pictured), pear mostarda

nodini, garlic, rosemary & olive oil

puntarelle, pesto genovese, hens yolk, fried smelts

burrata pugliese, canadian olive oil, astrea caviar

carpaccio di branzino - finished with franciacorta, meyer lemon, olive oil & salt from cervia

carpaccio di manzo, wagyu tongue, pistacchio verde, saba

salumi, coppa, tomato passata, ricotta, bariole olives

crese’tajat di polenta, dungeness crab, guanciale, trout roe, agretti

maccheroncini di campofilone, ragĂą marchigiano

tortellini in brodo

polipo, spanish octopus, 'nduja, pistacchio verde, warm butter

iberico pork pluma, porchetta spices, hens yolk, saba

anatra all’arancia, aged pekin duck, blood orange ragù

romanesco alla carbonara

gelato di stagione | tango mandarin twist & olive oil

sfogliatella | china-china chantilly

tette della monaca | meyer lemon diplomatica

cassata siciliana


Power rankings?

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The puntarelle were dressed with pesto? That’s a new one to me.




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my highlights in no particular order and would order again:

  • salumi & gnocco fritto
  • carpaccio di manzo
  • salumi pizza
  • crese’tajat di polenta
  • puntarelle
  • maccheroncini di campofilone
  • tortellini in brodo
  • iberico pork pluma
  • duck
  • sfogliatella
  • tette della monaca
  • cassata siciliana

how does it compare to Nancy silverton’s places (which I love) or Antico nuovo (which I don’t)? or even Funke’s?

I didn’t go through your pics throughly but are you basically highlighting every one of your pics? lol

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except the caviar dish - @porkbelly is dead to me now.

They are selling like hotcakes, they’ve used about 1kg in 5 days of service. Sending them another one tmrw morning. It’s been a hit


haha it didn’t make the list only because there wasn’t enough caviar.

we ordered the 30g “add all the caviar” but they screwed up and we only got 10g. more is more in this case.


That’s a crumb in @Clayfu 's world


Can I have his share of your magnanimous Astrea airdrop?


that’s the angel’s share


This restaurant has the most exciting food menu I’ve ever seen. I’m so excited to eat there!

Well when I showed up I learned everyone else was getting a grand tour of the place :joy: so I went to the bathroom

The limonata cocktail I had might have been my favorite thing of the night. That or the tette della monaca. I like lemon

The crab pasta was the perfect kinda share plate, I ate just as much as I wanted. Delicious but I tap out after a few bites. That specific ocean salinity, surfs up

The pizza I loved even tho some bites had too much tomato possata. The coppa got lost. Great as dough and tomato tho

Puntarelle and the duck were two faves.

Clean eating, all that olive oil. Plus a midnight walk home in light rain :umbrella:


Just went last night - if i were rank top 3 dishes

Puntarelle #1 by a mile
Branzino Crudo #2
Maccheroncini #3

honorable mention burrata with caviar :slight_smile:

really impressive meal - coming from a person who generally doesn’t like the Italian food scene in LA. The texture of pastas aren’t your typical - more QQ Chinese noodle style. Flavor profiles on the apps felt different too - the love of high quality olive oil is resplendent without feeling heavy.


On at least some of the dishes, the olive oil comes from Canada (B.C.).

we felt: this restaurant is very similar to Funke and Mother Wolf in quality level, style, and palate. Meaning we would go up to four times a year but don’t view it in the same way as Baroo etc.

All the dishes were good except the cresc’tajat. Ikura leads many chefs astray and tends to overpower dishes. The dish wouldn’t have been good regardless.

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