Stone Crab In SoCali?

Its stone crab season in Florida, any places where to buy at a good price or a good restaurant serving?

Water Grill should have them but probably pricey.

Doory Fleet at New Port Beach.

Found this place online from Santa Barbara, Island Joe’s Crab Claws are caught along the rocky coastline and throughout the beautiful Channel Islands located 26 miles off the coast of Santa Barbara.

Overnight shipping, shipping price and the claw prices seem fair, I tried to call but no answer yet.

Broad Street Oyster in Malibu has excellent stone crab claws (and seafood in general). I’d call ahead to make sure they’re serving them whatever day you’re going.

I ordered from last week, received in one day from Santa Barbara. Fresh off the boat that morning when they were shipped. The mustard sauce and the crab was excellent.

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