Strange spots on eggshells

I’ve seen this occur several times before. It occurs some time after purchase. What is it? Are the eggs usable?

There’s something about plastic packaging for eggs that really creeps me out, it just doesn’t breathe the same way cardboard does. maybe condensation is causing bacteria to grow on the outer shell? I would return it to the store where you got it for a refund can’t say for sure but it’s not worth taking a chance that they have gone bad.

I’ve never seen that!

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Looks like mold to me, but I’m no expert.

yep. looks like mold.

Looks like mold. I’ve never seen that, but we rarely keep our eggs in the refrigerator, and they’re always in paper cartons.

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That pretty much clears everything up :slight_smile: Thanks.

Backyard (urban) chicken farmer here… Could be nest residue (AKA hen poop), and/or dirt, and/or mold - Unless there is a crack in the shell, none of these surface contaminants are certain dealbreakers for the egg contents.

As long as the eggshell hasn’t been previously washed, the native eggshell of chickens usually possesses a degree of natural anti-microbial activity which prevents contamination of the inside contents. It’s OK to wash the shell just before cracking the egg open.



Very good to know. Thanks :slight_smile:

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