Street tacos?

Where is the place to go for street tacos? I’m referring to smaller, corn tortillas made fresh in front of you.

Do you have a particular area in mind?


North of the US Border

Nope, just in the general San Diego area, north of US Border

Tacos el gordo

De cabeza

Taqueria revolucion

The taco stand

City tacos



Tj oyster bar

Oscars Mexican seafood

Aqui es texcoco

Fernandez restaurant

Mariscos mi gusto es

Mariscos el pescador

Kikos place

Mariscos german

Tj tacos

Mi Rancho (Escondido), my personal favorite for meat tacos but I live in north county

I don’t remember if all of these places have handmade tortillas.


I have even enjoyed the tacos outside of Pancho Villa’s market off El Cajon Blvd east of 805.