Sub & Deli sandwiches...faves?

Love a good turkey/cheese/avo on rye…Antonelli’s Deli in El Cajon or Cheese Shop, kicks ass.

Sub sandwich, I’ve been going to Jersey Mike’s, which their #7 of turkey /cheese, Mike’s way with tons of pepperoncinis, vineagar, salt and pepper is quite good.

Talk to me where you get your sandwich/sub fix at?

Supernatural Sandwiches

Hole Che

Hola Che looks interesting!

+1 on Antonelli’s and extra +1 because they are in East County.

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I mentioned it earlier back on Chowhound.

Totally missed it…

Well, in any event we were going to dine at Nanay’s Best BBQ for lunch (for my work newsletter article), but Hola Che looks promising, and I have not reviewed a place in PB in eons. Weird hours though, 2:30 pm to 2:00 am.

Now that Gaglione Brothers has moved up into Encinitas, it is my go to sandwich place.

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Italian Village Special (now named “Italian” for the newer crowd) from Grab n Go on India at Hawthorne. Started going there when Little Italy was full of photo labs and I’d grab a bite while my clip tests were processing.

Now, I eat half-sized sandwiches :unamused:because I’m old.

I must have had hundreds…

Mona Lisa
Roma market
Brother’s provisions

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Panini at Escogelato

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Bake Sale.

If an Egg Breakfast Biscuit counts, then + a very big 1

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Oh yes, her breakfast sandwich is excellent, but try the lunch fare too…the egg salad is to die.

Have to say I rarely eat subs, but when the mood strikes, the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak at Jersey Mike’s is really satisfying!

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I remember when LI was filled with more photo/camera stores too.
BTW, you are NOT old…
I’ve seen you out and I would of carted you…didn’t I get carted when we all had lunch at Pony room in the ranch?

Grab n’ Go have a name change?

The Italian market /deli on corner in LI…Mona Lisa? Has excellent sub’s…not the resto next door!

Place looks perfect for a Caprese Panini and pistachio gelato to split…thanks Herr Honk!

I make a simple but kick ass egg salad…curious, Dags, how do they rock the egg salad?

Are those bad boys stuffed with papas/veggies as well Ipse?
Thanks doll!

Oh it’s very grandmother worthy, nice big pieces of egg salad. And the bread is fresh.

Grandmother worthy is code for gobbs of mayo……solid!

Bulgogi Ribeye banh mi at Baguette Bros.