SuKarne Meats

Has anyone ever bought from SuKarne? They appear to be a large Mexican meat company with a lot of locations in the LA area that seem to have opened no earlier than two years ago. There’s not much information about the source and quality of their meat but that’s not uncommon (especially at the commodity meat level) and it’s open to the public so I’ve thought about checking them out.

Have not seen pero sukarne es mi carne IMO


It’s factory farm beef from Mexico like an ibp. Prices are very competitive. Meat quality was better than my low expectations


Thanks, that’s exactly the feedback I was hoping for!

FWIW, I think SuKarne, the company, has been around for a lot longer than two years. I recall seeing them at foodservice trade shows at least a decade ago.

Yeah, they’ve definitely been around a lot longer, it’s just the brick and mortars that only popped up on Yelp a couple years back.

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Interesting! I knew them as a Mexican Meat distributor the likes of Harris Ranch… Looks like they are going for a Omaha Steak Model… pre cut… sold frozen…

I went to La Carneceria Today and although they cut fresh. They cut to their selection. So some speciality cuts they didn’t have. It looks like this place, would likely have a wider selection of cuts. There is on in Koreatown… I’ll check it out in a bit…



If SuKarne is on the level of IBP/Tyson/etc I’m pretty sure La Carniceria blows them out of the water. Even so, SuKarne seems like they have a broad range cuts at decent prices so… could be worth it for some uses?

Sure, i think so. With beef prices only going up it doesn’t hurt to have a value brand in your back pocket. I got some sirloin of theirs ( from a distributor) ground some and had some as steak and it was decent stuff for the price.

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