Summer / Fall / Winter / Spring fruit

Oranges have been delish, delish. Cheeries, not so much. What else has been good?


Strawberries from Harry’s Berries! Good and getting better.


Go to an Indian or Mexican store and get some mangoes. They are in season and it’s a good crop this year. I got some ripe Alphonso mangoes at India Sweets and Spices this weekend that tasted like honey.


How much for each? We got a box of 7 Kent mangoes at H-Mart for $4.99 and they were great.

We got our last box of strawberries from Oxnard this weekend. Not as good as the May box but still better than anything we’ve had not named Harry.

The peaches and nectarines at Arnett Farms have been great as usual.


Are you in Fresno? If not, how and where are you getting the fruit from Arnett Farms?

They are at the Saturday Irvine’s Farmers Market at Mariners Church.

oh, i see.

Has anyone seen stone fruit from Terranelli Farms, yet…or is it too early?

they were at my fm selling apricots and cherries last week, haven’t tried them yet though.

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Did you mean Tenerelli Farms? Or is there a different farm with a similar name?

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You’re right. I got it wrong.

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Do you know which markets they go to? Would like to get some good stone fruits.

Just got some delicious washington rainiers at wf.

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Tenerelli Orchards returned to Santa Monica FM some weeks ago with just cherries and is now in almost all its normal FMs (Hollywood, Pasadena, BH, Alhambra, etc.) now with apricots with peaches to come soon. I didn’t pick up our order, but we received all Robada Apricots and they are the bomb :bomb:. I don’t even use a knife. I just pull them in half and enjoy.

Lulu, we’ve had much the same experience with cherries except the first week at Ken’s Stone Fruit. I think there was a lot of rain and hail injured and diluted the cherries. They are an extremely and mostly non-insurable crop. I probably missed Ha Orchards sour cherries, but the Washington State cherries may be a better bet.

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If you see sour cherries, please post a PSA. I will drive for those.

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the plums and nectarines from ken’s top notch are juicier than a british tabloid.


Saw some white peaches and nectarines today, sweet as shit.


btw Andy’s Orchard had some really nice cherries on Wednesday. I picked up some Black Tartarian Cherries but they also had Bing’s and Black Republican cherries

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I Back at India Sweets & Spices. This week they have fresh lychee. $5/lb.

Ripe and sweet and juicy. It’s a short season, so I recommend you visit your local ethnic stores that may carry this luscious fruit.

My absolute favorite grape just appeared, finally, at Ralphs. The Moon Drops grown by The Grapery. So much better than the Sweet Sapphire.

Snatch them up before they’re gone.