Sumo Buffet in Woodland Hills

As I recently wrote, the majority of Chinese buffets in Los Angeles, particularly the most recently opened ones, have Japanese names. An equally important corollary is that all most all buffets with Japanese names do not serve much Japanese food beyond sushi. Consequently, it’s no surprise to find that the newly opened Sumo Asian Buffet in Woodland Hills serves primarily Chinese food, except for the sushi. While Sumo Buffet resembles your typical Americanized Chinese buffet, there are a few highlights worth noting. For example they serve honey chicken, the only place I’ve seen this dish outside of the Deep South (though I’ve been told that P.F. Chang serves it). Strangely, Sumo also has both General Tso’s chicken and orange chicken too. Other highlights include onion pancakes and and a pretty good battered garlic sole. Not sure about pricing because I think I received a combination grand opening and senior discount. Sumo is at 21610 Victory Blvd.


I wonder why there aren’t more (or any?) AYCE teriyaki chicken/beef places?

A basic teriyaki chicken certainly isn’t more complicated to make, or any more expensive, than Orange Chicken or General Tso’s Chicken. And it’s certainly easier to hold under a heat lamp or chafing dish than either of the two Chinese chicken equivalents.

There are AYCE sushi places, but not in buffet format. Rather you just keep ordering, often subject to a time limit.

Right, but no teriyaki AYCE places.

And as to sushi, there is a chain in Reno that offers AYCE Sushi on an a la carte basis (i.e., order from the sushi bar) and there’s no time limit. Something like $22/person. Packed to the gills night in and night out.

Sushi Mon in Henderson is very highly regarded (I thought it was OK), but their time limit is like an hour or an hour and a quarter. I think it depends if it’s lunch or dinner.

Go check out Sushi Pier in Reno sometime if works brings you out that way.

It’s tucked away in this strip mall (about a 1 mile from the Reno airport) anchored by a Costco. There are like 3 other eateries in that same strip mall and each of them are either empty, or near empty, but Sushi Pier is literally packed to the gills. The wait for a seat (not table) on a weekday at around 7 p.m., was about an hour!

Come to think of it, there’s a new AYCE non buffet Japanese restaurant in Seasons Plaza on Gale in Industry which I believe goes beyond sushi, though I’m not sure if it includes teriyaki.

Speaking of which, have you tried that new dim sum/Cantonese place, Golden Valley or something?

Crispy top BBQ pork buns!!! Obviously not as good as Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong or even Hong Kong Lounge in San Francisco. But they’re here!!!

Ooh. What is this Dim Sum dish you speak of? :slight_smile: Is it worth trying @chandavkl? Where is this Golden Valley?

I see.

So it meets approval of “the man who has eaten at nearly 10,000 Chinese restaurants and counting”.

See item 1 in link. Shopping center is at 18558 E. Gale Ave. in Industry.

Thanks @chandavkl. They don’t look very “crispy” in the photo, but clearly they got a Michelin Star for that creation? How close are the ones at Golden Valley to Tim Ho Wan’s version? :slight_smile:

A pale imitation, but probably better than any baked bbq pork bun in LA except for Sea Harbour’s French top bbq pork buns.

Coming to NYC. Rejoice.

Everyone I’ve spoken to say their foreign outlets suck

Not true. Just had the THW in Singapore - Every bit as good as the original HK location.

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you didn’t bring back enough to share?