Sun Nong Dan has the best Galbijjim

Order the combo, and you get a choice of beef broth as well as a bottle of Soju.

I’m not a galbijjim expert, but the meat is awfully tender, and the spices in the broth were both fragrant and delicious (definitely strong hints of ginger, sesame oil, sugar, as well as probably many others I can’t name). Comes with your choice of Galbi or Spicy sauce. We went with Spicy, no regrets here.

Love the purple rice, as well as the raw garlic swimming in soy sauce.

I seriously cannot think of a better place for galbijjim, but if anyone can point me to a better place, I’m all for it.

Sun Nong Dan
On 6th Street in Koreatown (across the street from EMC and Zion), and next to Paris Baguette


Their other stuff is pretty good too.

What else do you recommend there?

I’d say when we were there I think more than 8 out of 10 diners had the galbijjim; in fact, I’d say everyone had it (as well as some other items depending on the party size).

@tailbacku mentioned that the galbijim was their most popular dish.

I got the beef neck stew with preserved vegetables which was also very good. I was there at 10am so the other tables were getting some of the milkier broths.

Will have to go back for the galbijim myself.

It’s fantastic that they’re open 24 hours.

Just in case you get an itch for short ribs before a hard day at the office.


I was thinking how unusual it is for a 24 hour place to be such high quality eats. Usually those places are more functional and have to be open 24 hours to compensate for the lesser quality.

I was thinking of dropping by around 8 a.m. on a weekday just to see what the clientele was like, and what they were ordering.

Can’t imagine there are too many guys looking for some beef broth to sober up, say, mid-week on a Wednesday, right?

But then, this is Koreatown, so no assumption towards alcohol, especially the quantity of consumption, is really safe, or accurate.

The junior investment bankers and M&A staff are gonna inhale this stuff.

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I was thinking more the receptionist.

It takes a lot to handle the switchboard.

Where are they working in Ktown?

Not an impossible drive from Century City at 2AM…

Probably the best time to go! :wink:

Man… the spicy looks off the hook.

I can’t really talk, but…anyone know how this galbijjim compares to Soban? Is Soban even that good outside of Gold saying it’s so spectacular?

Seong Buk Dong?

Thanks, will try.

Maybe get my nails done next door afterwards.

You get a whole bottle of soju if you order the combo, which is only $10 more than the non-combo and it comes with other stuff too?

How big is the small compared to the large, i.e. how many can each feed on average?

I think small is good for 2 people, maybe 3 if you order other stuff.

Large is is good for 3 people.

I definitely think the large is a better value, but if you only have one other dining companion, I’m not so sure how well galbijjim reheats. And I’m not about to eat it cold. So sometimes choices are made for you.

I used to enjoy the Spicy Galbi Jjim at The Prince in K-town. The last time I went, they said they don’t make it anymore. Booo.

Seong Buk Dong has a pretty good one. But not spicy.
I remember getting a Bulgogi Jjim at Parks but that was a while back. I don’t think it was on the menu, my friend ordered it and that was pretty delicious.

Toe Bang also has a decent Galbi Jjim.

I’m gonna have to try this Sun Nong Dan.

Dam first David Chang and now FTC outs one of my favorite spots!