Sun Tea Suggestions

Sooo. Between moving to AZ (should probably change my handle now) and eliminating alcohol for a few months, I’ve been brewing sun tea for Arnold Palmers and general sipping. So far, I’ve mostly just used Lipton’s. I tried a green tea with pomegranate and did not like that at all. Too sweet. Does anyone have any ideas on a way to change things up a bit? Thanks!

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I don’t do sun tea because of some of the hazards associated with it. Here is an article on how to keep the sun tea from growing too much bacteria.

I do love iced tea and have a small pitcher in my fridge at all time. I mix it with fruit juice, jam, and lemonade often as my sweetener. Also you can get these awesome tea syrups in Korean markets which make amazing mix in. Cafe Mama in KTown makes their own from Scratch which is worth the pop over.

My preferred brewing method is cold brew. Just like making cold brew coffee. I pack leaves in a empty tea bag and then brew in a pitcher for 24 hours. Especially for delicate leaves like green, yellow, chrysanthemum, it’s the best way.

For tea, i get most of my stuff from local company art of tea as well as A Rare Tea company (they have great quality stuff from all around the world although UK based their warehouse is in Texas and so I get their stuff super fast. I’ve waited up until a month for Chinese based sources). For my Jasmine pearls and chrysanthemum flowers I get it from Wing Hop Fung.

For your standard tea bags like Lipton. I much prefer Luzianne tea. It’s like the only thing I buy at Walmart. My party sweet tea is Luzianne.


I love a good quality ‘cream earl grey’ tea with the bergamot and vanilla makes a really nice iced tea.