Sunday Brunch at Commanders Palace

We had reservations at R’Evolution for Sunday Jazz brunch, but when we could not get into Galatoires on Friday for lunch, we went to R’Evolution. Though R’Evolution was excellent, we decided to try somewhere else for Sunday brunch. Commanders Palace didn’t have any openings when we called on Saturday, but they recommended we call on Sunday in case there were any cancelations. We did and got a table at 11:30am. We sat upstairs in one of the smaller dining rooms.
We started with a Ramos Fizz, which I would not recommended there.

Our second round was much better!

I got the gumbo and husband got the special soup, a cream, vegetable and seafood soup. His was delicious! Mine was good, but not as good as Dookie Chase.

For our main courses, I got fish with crab and pecans and my husband got some kind of benedict with pork.

Both were good but not outstanding. When the jazz musicians entered our small room with only 4 tables, every table had a request, and it was quite fun to have them play for us.

I would not recommend coming here for the food but instead the experience. I know many people recommend lunch there when martinis are 25cents so that is another time to try.

Oh, can’t forget dessert. Husband got the souffle, as he loves a good souffle. Dessert comes with brunch, otherwise I would not have tried the cheesecake, which would have been a shame. It was fantastic!


Jazz Brunch is never about the food . . . that’s why I try as hard as I can to avoid them. I really enjoy the food at Commander’s, but I go there knowing what it is – and a large part of “what it is” is the experience, the history, the tradition . . . AND the 25¢ Martinis! ;^)

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