Sunday Brunch - East Pasadena

Help please! “Nice” place for sit-down Sunday brunch with v. Beverly Hills in-laws.
We will be in East Pasadena - drive to Lincoln? I see controversy here about Lincoln (and it’s about 5 miles away)… the in-laws are not interested in counters or “diners” or our favorite dumplings nearby…

The Royce

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So, we ended up at Lincoln. Mostly out of my own curiosity. I really liked the lofty, airy space, appreciated the street parking, and the people working there went out of their way to describe their favorite foods and to make sure we were as comfortable as possible. The food was good. I thought, with a few minor adjustments, the food could have been great. The salad was slightly overdressed, the roll for the hamburger could have been lightly toasted or warmed, the same grains did not need to appear in the breakfast salad as they did in the farro salad. The pastries were excellent. The pretzel roll was a standout for me.

I would return. But I would love to see whomever may be in the kitchen be a little more particular about the details.