Sunday Dinner Outside

Wow. This is a struggle. Trying to find a restaurant with outdoor dining open for a Sunday dinner with clients.

I had hoped Ernest, but they confirmed they no longer have outdoor dining. Eater, Yelp, OpenTable, Resy even the restaurant websites don’t seem to be updated.

Any reccs from my SF brethren?

i haven’t been yet but al’s place has outside seating.
monsieur benjamin

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Foreign Cinema should, too.

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Thanks, PB. I did make a reser at MB. Thanks for the tip about Al’s Place. Scoping the menu now.

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Closed for dinner on Sundays. Open for brunch though. Thank you! One of the best patios in SF!

Is Monsieur Benjamin’s outdoor seating on the sidewalk? In that neighborhood I dunno.

For future reference, OpenTable lets you filter by outdoor seating, and lets you select outdoors when you make a reservation.

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on ivy

picture from yelp


Thx @PorkyBelly. Was just about to post same picture. The outdoor seating looks lovely at Al’s Place.

And thanks @robert for the heads up. Though I used to live in SF, I haven’t been through the pandemic and it feels a lot has changed. Even on our late 2018 visit we stayed tucked into the Presidio.

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Some neighborhoods have more street people wandering around. The pandemic hasn’t change that but a lot of places have added new sidewalk seating.

AL’s Place has a big parklet which I think discourages street people from walking up to your table. At least I’m more comfortable.

IFYI it’s AL’s (for chef/owner Aaron London.

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Thanks, @robert.

And yes, I know Al is for Aaron London. It’s almost as if he wants you to think his name is Al.