Sunnin in Santa Monica now open

Maybe today was their first day? It’s on Santa Monica Blvd, next door to Phillz Coffee, near 5th Street. I’ll report back after I eat…

I think LA needs 10 times the number of Lebanese restaurants that it currently has. I could eat tabbouleh and falafel and hummus every day. And if only there was good diner kebab.

Anyway, I always felt sunnin in Westwood was average. Philz coffee is trash.

@Alkiegourmand, have you tried Saj Bakery in the Valley? There was a writeup on Eater the other day, and it looks incredible. Haven’t been yet myself, though.

Have been binging on doner from BERLINS on W. 3rd near La Cienega. Not being a doner connoisseur prior to this, it is German doner, which I understand is just Turkish by way of German. Whatever or wherever, I like.