Superettes and Gourmet Markets

WIth the opening up of several superettes and even more coming… decided to start a thread because I love these!!

Fatty Mart has is it’s thread: Fatty Mart - #6 by PorkyBelly

But there are a couple of newer ones like Yoboseyo! Superette (Which has an awesome but small selection) and The Golden Poppy (Which I haven’t been to yet, but I plan to utilize while I stay with family on the Eastside.). Recently The Cheese Shop of Beverly Hills announced they are moving to an expanded space and will be offering more market goods and on Larchmont, Sua Superette is going totally niche and offer Sichuan goods! FINALLY something like Mala Market in person!!!

Along with OGs like Cookbook and Sara’s, most of these markets offer not only quality grocery items, but also some really yummy food options to grab and go. So feel free to add cool items you have found on the shelved as well as yummy items you may have picked up.

Today’s post is about another Superette I’ve been so excited about and have visited a few times already, DTLA Cheese Superette. I already was a regular customer of DTLA Cheese in GCM. I’ve been their customer even before that at Cheese Cave in Claremont. I was just there in April…


Cheese Cave has a nice big shop where they carry all sorts of items, but they don’t have Big Kitchen and offer only a few items. DTLA Superette which is located in an old restaurant space, has a nice big kitchen, as well as lots of room to put up shelves and cold cases!

I’ve been really impressed by their selection of times, they cover fewer types of items than cookbook, but in many cases, a lot more variety…

Also unlike the Cheese Cave, this superette carries produce!! Again, not as much as Cookbook, but more than enough for me to use it as one stop destination, especially since I tend to go on my Lunch Break.

Of course, they still are a Cheese Shop and they continue to have a wonderful and interesting selection. The only thing is that since the space is so narrow and you gaze is automatically to the counter and all the pantry items they have on the side… it’s shockingly easy to overlook the cheese counter! I recently went in for some Parmesean and I got to distracted by the produce and some pantry items, I almost walked out without it!

Now, I really enjoyed the food they had at the GCM Stand. Not surprisingly there is a larger menu here and more grab and go items.

On my first visit I had their green salad with a cup of Turkey Noodle Soup there.

The salad was a bit overdressed. And while very good with a healthy amount of cheese, it just made me miss the Salads at Artisan Cheese Gallery. ~le sign~

The soup however was phenomenal. I eat a lot of soups around town and this was a standout. The broth was rich, spicing perfect, a lot of really good ingredients and the pasta was even cooked perfectly. Plenty of Turkey.

Recently I visited and was in a bit of rush, so I ordered my items to go…

I got the Mortadella with Brick Cheese on Focciacia. It was quite pricy at $14… but I was floored at how BIG the sandwich was!!!

It was super yummy, and the Focciacia… PERFECT… I prefer the Mortadella Sandwich at Semolina’s market, but they often sell out and it’s so far for me to get over there. This one is a fine sub for when I get the itch.

Seeing how big the sandwich was, the To Go Soup seemed so tiny! The soup was Veggie Soup. Not a favorite, but after having that Turkey soup, I was willing to give it a shot.

And yep. A perfect Veggie soup. The veggies were not over cooked, super flavorful. The Broth. OMG. It did not taste dirty like how some Veggies soups can taste.

Soups… That is what I’m always going to order. It’s going to be 110 in DTLA in August and I’ll be that one crazy person ordering the soup.


It’s been years but I loved their grilled cheese with tomato soup. I think I tried to take it to the bench in 500 Days of Summer but that was chained off lol. So I took it to the top of Angels Flight.

I think low key that was one of the best things to get at GCM!

I really should check out Sara’s since I am in the neighborhood for Mexican and in the next neighborhood over for Chinese.

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Sara’s is great. The team there is so friendly, ask them what is new and awesome and they won’t steer you wrong.

The only thing is there is no parking and they are up in the hills. So it can be a little bit of a hike to get to get to them, especially on Pop up days.