Superior food mill?

The crank holder in the one we have tends to pop out. Is there a brand that’s better made?

OXO’s looks like it would not have that problem.

I found a stainless steel one at Bed Bath and Beyond a few years ago. It works wonderfully with 3 different mill sizes. Haven’t had any problems yet. I don’t remember the name brand off hand, but do recall it was about $20.

Should be easy to locate. Maybe do a side-by-side with an Oxo while you’re there to see which you like the handling of?

I’ve never actually used a food mill. When would one use a food mill instead of a Cuisinart or hand blender? Or a ricer which is what I use to mash potatoes?

A food mill retains peel, seeds, and the like, so you might use it, for example, to puree apples cooked with the skin on. It also has a choice of bottom plates with various sized holes, so you can make a coarser puree.

If you put peeled boiled potatoes through a food mill using a plate with the same size holes as a ricer, the results will be quite similar. I watched a Jacques Pepin show just the other day where he was making his aunt’s recipe for mashed potatoes and mentioned that she threw in whole unpeeled garlic since she always put the potatoes through a food mill.

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It looks like I should upgrade my kitchen equipment then. The OXO food mill seems to get good reviews.

I just got a fat separator yesterday. After all these years, who knew these gadgets could be so useful.

The cheaper food mill at Bed & Bath looks like it has the same basic design as the OXO.