Supermarket finds

Tried some new-to-me varieties from the Berkeley Bowl, all organic from Washington.

Koru: cross between Fuji and Braeburn (my favorite). Excellent.

Autumn Glory: one-dimensional, sweet and juicy, reminded me of Gala. Autumn Glory® - Superfresh Growers

Rosalynn: liked better than the Autumn Glory. I’d probably take this over Gala. Rosalynn Daisy Apples Information, Recipes and Facts

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Ignore all the keto / gluten-free / etc. woo-woo on the label, this is first-rate Italian sausage. Reminded me of Bonci’s. Berkeley Bowl carries the “mild” which is actually spicier than typical Italian sausage.

Are these noodles any good? The started carrying these at Tokyo Central in the frozen section next to the udon. I particularly had my eye on the thick Shangxi noodles.

This could only be a product of a serial killer. Don’t buy these chestnuts. Who would actually want to peel each chestnut? I’ll just buy my own and roast them at that point. To boot the chestnuts tasted terrible compared to other packaged chestnuts.

Ignoring the apparent lousy taste but isn’t peeling for example pistachio and peanuts part of the fun

Peeling chestnuts is a real pain. For that amount of work I’d prefer to peel freshly roasted chestnuts. When I buy the bagged chestnuts they are usually for recipes or a quick snack. There is a decent amount of waste when peeling chestnuts.

Yes! I get the longevity ones at H Mart. Great for Chicken Noodle Soup. However don’t expect a ton of QQ.

Hisaya Kyoto Chestnuts next time you are in the Torrance area


But Hisaya chestnuts come with shell on…

But those Hiyasa chestnuts peel so easily. They’re also warm and delicious.


Haha, yes. I agree. You were the one complaining about hard-to-peel nuts.

Yes I know. Thanks for the heads up. The Hiyasa chestnuts are a much different ball game than those packaged chestnuts.

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Grocery Outlet
Prices comparable to Epicurus! :scream:

No luck on duck fat.

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I don’t know why I bought the cut watermelon today at Bristol Farms. Its something I would never do. $5 for 6 slices or a quarter of a watermelon. Crazy. But the watermelon ended up being very sweet. It was better than most of the watermelon we had this past summer.


Anyone try these yet? Available at Target.


@js76wisco liked them


Gah, should have used the search function. Thanks!

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Oh my! Thanks for the heads up! Just did the Target Search function and going to pick these up later this week…whee!


Got those at Target as well.

How are you guys planning to spruce it up?

Get a bucket of those Hanh Phi fried red onions @TheCookie found at GCM. I’ve put some many things on the Momofuku noodles because we bought 2 packs of each flavor so we had 30 packs to get through.

My main stays are scallions, fried egg and fried sliced spam because these are things we always have on hand. One piece of advice is to use all of the sauce packet. At first it seems like a lot but the noodles absorb much of the sauce.

Other things that worked well are bean sprouts, sautéed mushrooms and corn. The only thing I would not recommend is adding on leftover chicharron which got very soggy and kinda mushy.