Supermarket Stock vs. Bullion Cubes

I’m a big fan of making my own stocks but recently I haven’t been breaking down whole birds like I used to. With no ready supply of necks and wing tips in the freezer, I’ve occasionally gotta get some ready made stock.

When I found out what goes into those tetra packs of “stock” that you buy in the supermarket (spoiler: it’s not much in the way of chicken) I decided to switch to using cubes of bullion mixed with water.

While I can always taste the improvement to a dish that uses real stock I haven’t noticed any discernible difference between Swanson, etc. packaged stocks and just using bullion cubes.

Has anyone else made this move? Is there some scientific reason using stock would still make sense? Or am I just saving myself a ton of money not blowing $3 on a box of shitty stock when a .13¢ bullion cube will do?

Can you buy Better Than Bulliion where you are? I think it’s way better than cubes.

I like Costco’s stock a lot. Second only to homemade. And it’s stock not broth.

Looks interesting. Can you tell me why you prefer it?

Better Than Bouillion has more flavor and seems less salty to my palate.

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I really wish someone could make a stock granules as good as dashi powder