Surfas Costa Mesa Closed

From the Register…

That’s a damn shame. I’ve purchased so many things there before, and I’m a huge fan of the cooking classes.

not looking good for Surfas?

Agreed. We were just in there last week. I’m gonna miss it.

They will close the Culver City location, too. Not sure when. I was told the family wants to quit. Big loss for some of us.

I thought the Culver City closure was due to the Expo line. That’s really sad to hear that the family wants to close down. Agree that it will be a big loss. :frowning:

What is happening to the Culver City store is the land was sold. I’m not sure if Surfas owned it or not. There will be a huge Residential and retail project being built there soon. Initially and even recently the story was Surfas Culver City would be relocating. LA TImes on Surfas Their closing of Costa Mesa and the rumors of Culver city closing are interesting.

Thanks for the clarification, @Mattapoisett_in_LA.

@NeverEnough: I was at the Culver City location today and spoke to 2 employees. Surfas plans to re-open in mid-July, but they haven’t yet found a location (I suggested Torrance or Van Nuys!).

BTW, for everyone else, there’s a 30% sale going on. Sale includes everything except Kitchen Aid attachments and anything you can plug in. And, yes, the cheese IS included!!!


Bummer, but I have to say their selections there were pretty weak compared to the Culver City one.

Thank you. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Hee, hee. I was thinking of places where large warehouse space seems readily available and which super aren’t too far from me. :wink: The rent on the westside is just too much for any place that needs space that big that doesn’t charge $$$$, IMHO.

If they are going to open in July, when are they closing? I was told by an employee that it might not be for another year till they close. I was also told by a CC official that they were keeping their options open but intended not to open in the new building that will be there, despite a request from the developer. Also, as I noted previously, I was told the owners were “tired” and want to retire. I hope they don’t and I hope they re-open in the new space. Among other things, the bread they carry is some of the best in town, and much more reasonable than the $15 loaf at Lodge Bread.

All good questions. The employee I spoke to didn’t seem super comfortable discussing these issues w/ her supervisor floating around, so I don’t have more info than what I posted. I’m not an insider, so I can only go by what this employee told me

The article linked by @Mattapoisett_in_LA indicated that in mid-2015, Surfas Culver City had 2 years left on their lease. At least a year ago, Culver City had flyers indicating that the location would be closing and, IIRC, that they didn’t intend to open in the same location in the new development. So the Culver City location closing is not new news.

The new development, AFAIK, is that the Costa Mesa location is closing.

I guess it was to some people.

You mean the CC location closing? The flyers that Surfas had posted were not well-located (I think they were near the restrooms?). And who knows what they post in a flyer vs. what is discussed behind closed doors…


I shopped there at least one a month. This is such a shame. Now I don’t know where to go for the vast variety Vahlrona baking chocolate and Ortiz anchovies. I guess it’s Amazon for me.

I get my Ortiz anchovies through Amazon. If you order a lot, though, make sure there will be someone to sign for them. I had the toughest time getting delivery of my last shipment. I don’t know if it’s something with the seller, because we get higher-dollar items shipped all the time.

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