"Surprise, it's McDonalds!"

I have to admit I kind of crave a Chicken McNugget once in awhile. I don’t give in to the temptation b/c I’m really just using it as a vehicle for BBQ sauce…

I hate McDonalds for making the 10 piece chicken mcnuggets $4.xx and the 20 piece chicken mcnuggets $5.



The smell in McDonald’s makes me lose my appetite. I think the last thing I bought in one was a glass of wine when the Rome branch opened in 1985.


The McEbi in the Tokyo branch is a guilty pleasure, as is shaving alba truffles over hot McD fries as they emerge from the fryer.


that sounds amazing.

This is the 2nd time @J_L has mentioned this. I think he’s throwing down a challenge for someone else to join him. :wink:

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Occasionally posters launch into fantasy riffs. Don’t take it seriously. I would hate to lose you after that tremendous Valley Vietnamese post. I am trying to make it out there. There are a lot of good writers here with very sharp wits. It took me a while to catch on.

If, OTOH, your post is a double entendre, I have been fooled once again, and I will gladly join @J_L for freshly shaved alba truffles over hot McDonalds fries - as long as he is paying.

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The only thing is that I don’t think it’s fantasy (although there def is sarcasm on other threads). McD’s actually does have SOME good stuff. The cheeseburgers I don’t get AT ALL, but the fries are great, and, IMHO, the Chicken McNuggets are oddly satisfying on occasion. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the parfait, but that was also quite respectable.

I think the great thing about FTC (and about CH) was that you get high- and low-brow. :slight_smile: One cannot live on sushi, high-end deli, and artisanal bread alone. :wink:


$1 vanilla cones are the best. There was a period where I was eating 1 or 2 a day. I mean I could eat one a day for a week and it would still cost less than a single order of gelato from some places.


The satisfying compact package of fluffy sesame bun, cheese, diced onions, pickles, ketchup. :yum:.

2 cheeseburgers, order of fries, Coke/vanilla shake. All for less than $5! Perfect meal when you land in the middle of nowhere @ midnight and hungry.

Btw McD in India offers a chili sauce for their nuggets that’s pretty darn close to the sauce served with hainanese chicken rice.


Noted for my next trip to India

EXACTLY : you summed up my feelings exactly!!! I love to suck down McDoubles for a simple “slider” fix.

Let’s go Dutch: I will gladly pay for the fries, and you bring the alba truffles.


I have a more equitable split; you handle the transportation and accommodations and I will pick up the fries, the truffles and treat you to a slice at Elettroforno Frontoni…

The nuggets have never tasted the same after the conversion to all white meat.

Oh, that pizza looks marvelous!

@Ns1: were you the one who mentioned that they don’t do the chocolate dipped cone anymore (or am I totally misremembering)? I loved the chocolate dipped, although the soft serve alone is also totally respectable (and an insanely good value, at that price). I just didn’t mention b/c I LOVED the chocolate dipped and feel the naked version is missing a little something…

I prefer my fries with the skin on, fried in lard, and a couple of shades darker, but I can see McDonald’s pale fries being a nice vehicle for white truffles.

As I am sure you know McDonalds originally used beef tallow for their fries. When the great cholesterol scare hit they abandoned it. I was delighted to find beef tallow at Smart and Final and tried it on my fries. Disappointed. My current favorite is peanut oil. I use lard for fried chicken, but don’t like the mouthfeel on fries.

However, if I ever had a fresh alba truffle (and I am riffing on truffles here - not McDonalds) I would have it like I had a fresh black truffle at Chateau de Puy Robert,http://www.puyrobert.fr/, on my honeymoon oh so many years ago. It was wrapped in French bacon (not to be confused with Farmer John’s - or even Nueske’s), and baked in puff pastry. The waiter split it open and ladled sauce perigreux over it - best thing I have ever tasted.

So @J_L maybe we should hit the Dordogne instead of Rome. The deal holds - you pay for transportation and accomodations; I pick up the food. We could stay at Le Centenairie!

I thought the lawsuit filed by McDonald’s customers who practiced the Hindu faith put an end to the beef tallow used in their fries.

Périgord truffles and confit de canard are indeed some of my favorite things to eat in France, but I don’t recall us actually reaching a deal on any sort of journey in the first place… :slightly_smiling: