"Surprise, it's McDonalds!"

Surprise indeed.
“But, after taking a close look at the McDonald’s ingredients, he said he realized much of it was no different than what he kept in his own kitchen at Redbird.”

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“In fact, [Redbird] and McDonald’s use the same chicken supplier, Tyson.”

Holy shit…well, I don’t think I will ever eat at Redbird again.

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So basically he got paid a ton of money to do an ad-hoc episode of “chopped”, using a giant basket of only mcdonalds ingredients and plenty of time to prepare.

I’m sure he used many of the same base ingredients as in McDonald’s food, but I feel gross every time I eat there. No matter what they do with this PR / Marketing hype, I don’t think Chef Fraser’s meal is indicative of the lack of quality, prep, or care that you normally get at the golden arches. Ugh. :frowning:

And that Tyson chicken reference is gross. You’d think paying that much at Redbird that they’d be celebrating local organic farmers market ingredients, humanely processed meats, etc.

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I agree. I felt remorse at giving money to the place when I read that, but one thing I find odd is that I don’t recall chicken actually being on Redbird’s menu. I looked at it online, and sure enough, there is no proper chicken dish. The closest thing is the pot pie made with chicken hearts. Is it possible that Tyson is the only supplier even able/willing to provide him with a mass quantity of chicken hearts as a standalone product?..

It still strikes me as a very strange line though, since he doesn’t even technically serve chicken…

Just a guess but he most likely buys chicken bones for stock and thats what his supplier sends him

Per eater, no citation:

Though the OC Register quoted Fraser as using chicken from the same purveyor as McDonald’s — Tyson — Fraser clarifies that he does not use Tyson chicken at his restaurants, nor does he source his products from the same producers as McDonald’s.

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@Ns1, LOL, you think he made the quote for the $$$ sponsorship that night and rescinded it the next day after the backlash? :stuck_out_tongue:

good thing for him to clarify. It’s a fun one off -but If I were him I wouldn’t want Redbird too closely associated with McD’s

would have loved to have been here to see the jaws dropping on some of those food bloggers and social media influencers free loaders. Well played McDonald’s! Ha! Ha!

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Can I just say that I love that the letters spell(ed) RANCH for this thread?


Wow, you can’t make that shit up haha

There’s spit-roasted chicken on the lunch menu and the pot pie includes thighs. Hearts are available in quantity from good sources.

Hopefully he was lying for money then…

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I shamefully admit that I’m fond of McD’s cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, filet-o-fish, fries and apple pie.

Ever find yourself stuck somewhere with only Chilli’s and McDs as dining options? I’ll take McD, no questions…

nobody else will give me a chicken sandwich and sundae for $2 at 3am, so I too love McDonalds.


I heard Neal Fraser actually uses McDonald’s itself as his supplier. He shows up like it’s the farmer’s market, buys some chicken nuggets, beef patties and salads, and then repurposes them for his own dishes. The chicken pot pie is just a chicken sandwich smashed into a ramekin and covered with an extra bun. He also doesn’t use an oven or grill, only a microwave and heat lamps. I peeked into the kitchen at Redbird once and there was just a dishwasher in there.

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did i click on the wrong food board?

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