Sushi Beluga

A while back there was a thread on this board about sushi in response to a question from (I think) a food writer who wanted tips on the L.A. sushi scene. Along with many great recommendations, I added the fact that once you get past all of the great, top-notch sushi places in Los Angeles, it’s important to also know that LA. has myriad “next level down” sushi places and that it seems like every neighborhood in town has a strip mall sushi spot where you can get a good meal for a reasonable price.

With that in mind, I’d just like to toss out Sushi Beluga as one of those shopping center sushi bars – a spot where you might not take an out of town guest seeking to experience “the best” but a spot where you might grab lunch or dinner if you happen to live nearby.

Sushi Beluga opened up about two years ago – not the best time to open up a restaurant. It’s on Culver Boulevard in Playa Del Rey walking distance from the beach. It’s next door to Cafe Milan (a go-to breakfast spot for my family), in the same parking lot as the sports bar. (If you look for it and end up at Playa Provisions, you went too far).

We just ordered one of the sushi platters ( Sushi Beluga - Japanese Restaurant|Online Order|Playa Del Rey|CA#808 at the link. Though it came on a wooden board, not a circular plate) along with a few add ons and had a nice meal for about 50 bucks a head (a little more with the tip and the beer).

It’s a tiny spot with just about four or five tables. They aren’t using the sushi bar (probably due to the pandemic?) There are several outside tables and when Cafe Milan closes in the mid-afternoon, Sushi Beluga is able to use the cafe’s outdoor tables as well.

This is not a “drive across town” type place, but instead a very solid (based on our first visit) neighborhood spot for locals (like me) or for folks stopping by the beach. I like to support local businesses so I thought I’d write this rec.


Solid, local joints (esp for sushi) are always appreciated. :slight_smile: