Sushi House (Pico Blvd. - West LA) - Closing Permanently

Looks like a sign was posted on the front door this week. Last day will be NYE 2022. This has to be one of the oldest surviving sushi restaurants in the United States, since 1980. It was known as the reggae sushi bar for some time, because they played reggae music and had a very relaxed vibe. Great prices, solid sushi, casual atmosphere. I’m not sure if it’s the construction nearby forcing them away (neighboring businesses are boarded up), or if it’s their pivot to delivery during the pandemic that seems to have led to a drop in quality and loss of the unique atmosphere. Regardless, sad news about an iconic place.


Sometimes people just retire and there is no one to pass the business on to. I can think of two Japanese restaurants, a Japanese coffee shop and a coffee shop with Korean specialties (all in L.A.) that all closed because the owners/chefs just decided to retire and their children had no interest in taking over.