Sushi in LA on a Monday

Branching off from the Koreatown thread, I thought I would start a topic to list acceptable to good sushi places open for lunch and/or dinner on Monday. I think the situation is far better than it is made out to be.

Open (as far as I know):

  1. Sushi Tsujita: lunch and dinner
  2. Suzhi Zo: lunch and dinner
  3. Kiyokawa: dinner (it’s now called “Goh: A Japanese Restaurant by Kiyokawa”)
  4. Hamasaku: lunch and dinner (though they’re closed Jan 4 as part of their holiday closure)
  5. Echigo: lunch and dinner
  6. Nori Sushi: lunch and dinner
  7. Sugarfish: lunch and dinner
  8. Sasabune (both locations): lunch and dinner
  9. Nozomi: lunch and dinner

Please note: I have not eaten at all/most of these places, on Mondays or otherwise. Please add to the list and make corrections as necessary.

FYI - I wouldn’t recommend eating Sushi until later this week because Tsukiji is closed for the New Year holiday in Japan. It reopens tomorrow, but most wholesalers get deliveries from Japan twice a week - usually Tuesday/Wednesday and Friday - and since Tuesday/Wednesday deliveries are shipped from Japan on Monday/Tuesday, they’re likely not getting any fish from Japan until Friday.

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Thanks for the info. Visitors from Minnesota can’t be choosers, however: will take our chances (and somehow I doubt Nori’s fish selection is Tsukiji-heavy anyway).