Sushi in the East Bay?

Anything within a ~20 minute drive of Berkeley that would be, like… at least mid-tier in LA ($50-100 range)? Will happily take upper-end too, though I’m particularly looking for the kind of place where I can drop in without needing to make a reservation far in advance.

I ate at Mitama the other day on College, sounds like it would fit the bill. Had a small board with specials from Toyosu Market too

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If things haven’t changed the shipment from Japan comes in once a week so that’s the best day to go.

Uzen in Oakland is solid. Very traditional. When I ordered wagyu nigiri they showed me the nose-print certificate.

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Thanks, those do look like the kind of places I’m looking for.

@robert you’re referring to Uzen (w.r.t. the once-weekly shipment), or Mitama? Do you know what day? Assuming Monday, if Uzen, since they’re closed on Sunday.

Mitama. I think it used to be Thursday.


Just happened to be on the same block as Mitama today - unfortunately I’d already eaten dinner, but still sat down for a few pieces. Does seem to fit the bill. Chef said to come in on Friday (for the weekly shipment). Friendly guy. Place damn-near empty.

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I like Utzutzu in Alameda.

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Looks good, though does seem to be one of those “be on Resy at 10 am on the 1st of the month”-kind of places.

Delage in Oakland is Utzutzus sister restaurant if I’m not mistaken

Delage: 8 courses for

$100. Only three courses are sushi.

Decided to check out Uzen today.

The shrimp-stuffed fried shiitake (2nd from the right) was pretty good.

Dessert (half of an ambiguously flavored mochi ice cream, and a mostly tasteless slice of melon) unpictured.

Most of the neta was cut far too thick. The rice was about what you’d expect from having sat around after being packed while the rest of the sushi was being prepared. Needless to say I’m not especially keen on being served every single piece of of sushi simultaneously when I order omakase, but even apart from that, it was (generously speaking) average. If there’s a secret handshake here to get served something that’d actually make me want to come back, I missed it.

Definitely downhill from the last time I went to Uzen. Ordering omakase and getting a platter of assorted sushi is bullshit. Another pandemic casualty, I guess.

if you drive very fast in the absence of traffic, the peninsula can be only 35 minutes away from berkeley…
in which case there’s sushi yoshizuma in san mateo
there also appears to be a new high-end sushi place recently opened in mountain view (

Yoshizumi: hagashi toro (very rare)

Katsu: Edomae-style Omakase: $230 pp for the soft opening.
8 seats at the sushi bar. Rezzies via Tock.

Yoshizumi is already on my list for trying to snipe some rezzies… no reservations open for Katsu either. :cry:

Yeah, good luck getting a reservation at Yoshizumi.

mannnn… when i looked at reservations for yoshizuma a year ago, they were still using yelp and there was a lot of availability. (although maybe that was just some kind of yelp error?)

is it now just single release for the following two weeks or something?

there’s a 5pm reservation available for 1 on the 26th right now

reservations available for end of month/start of september for katsu

Mountain View is seriously inconvenient from the East Bay.