Sushi Kimagure: A Pictorial Essay

Ike-san’s omakase is the best in the Pasadena area.

Superb knifework, delicious shari, and wonderful preparations…


Sushi Kimagure
220 S. Raymond Ave. #102
Pasadena, CA 91105


Is it $$ or $$$?

Premium omakase here runs $125-$150pp.

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Gorgeous pics. That first one is really stunning. :smile:

@J_L did you see my writeup last month? I really love this place.

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Sure did. Made me wanna go back. The last I went (prior to this past visit) was around summer 2014. Still great. Ike-san is da man. The tako is so tender.

He certainly looks quite Japanese, and the sushi looks good. I’ll forgive him for serving tempura and chawanmushi. Mori does too. But not Q Sushi, in my experience. And not any sushi restaurant I’ve ever been to in Japan.

L.A. ain’t Japan, and it definitely shows when it comes to what the customer expects.

I will give Q a fourth try to redeem themselves in my book. Maybe next month, Naruke-san…

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