Sushi Pick Up or Delivery

Lots of sprinklings on various threads of sushi pick up or delivery options, but I thought I would start a separate thread for people to post their sushi experiences.

Today I did Kiriko and I loved how easy peazy it was. Called at 11:50 a.m., gave them my order and credit card number and picked it up at 12:30 p.m. Drove up in my car and parked in front - they spotted me through the open door and brought it out (probably not a lot of other orders for that time so they knew it was me).

The menu is on their webpage. They have cooked dishes as well as sushi combos (most expensive combo is $27), plus you can order sushi a la carte. I did a combo and added some a la carte sushi.

I would say the sushi I had a week or so ago from Shunji was better, but I appreciated the ease of this (not having to go through Tock and try to find a pickup time – i.e., just being able to pick up it when a sushi craving hit) and this was less expensive than Shunji. Plus, when I did Shunji, I did the deluxe bento and I did not like the Shunji non-sushi items at all, so definitely wouldn’t do the deluxe bento again at Shunji and would just stick to sushi.

A bonus with Kiriko – they don’t show ice cream on their take-out menu but since I always used to love Kiriko’s ice cream when dining in and which I believe they make on premises, I inquired and sure enough they had it.


Sugarfish with the one hour waits. $48 “don’t think just eat” pretty damn good recently with 2pc sweet shrimp, 2 pc scallop, and half lobster roll.


Went to Wadatsumi for lunch last week while in the are. Good chirashi bowl for $13.


assuming they’re charging the same if not more for these to go orders i’d prefer to wait until i can watch the order being made right before i eat it. but that’s me.

Izakaya Tonchinkan in my neighborhood is decent for pickup. I think they also do delivery thru the usual 3rd parties, but I don’t support those money hats. I’ve ordered from them twice already and when I went to pick up, they were just barely done prepping it, so I don’t think they make-ahead.

Bonus is they sometimes have battera if you ask.


I should add that when I picked up my Kiriko order yesterday it came with a small salad (already dressed) and miso. I wasn’t in the mood for either yesterday so stuck them in the fridge, but just pulled them out of the fridge for a late afternoon snack. Was surprised that yesterday’s salad was delicious (and not soggy despite having been already dressed). The seaweed miso reheated beautifully. Since I am most definitely not in the mood to make my own miso, I may start ordering that by the gallons from Kiriko.

Anyway a pleasant surprise today.

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Ken-san is always thinking of new ways to make the customers happy at Kiriko.


Which location?

Torrance, I didn’t know there was another one

They opened in Beverly Hills in the former Shiki location just before the shutdowns. I just checked and they’re “temporarily closed”. But wasn’t there once a WLA location?

Yes I think on Pico if I’m not mistaken.

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Yes, I remember going a couple years ago with friends and family who picked it because they like the Torrance location. :smirk: This location was just okay.

Wadatsumi was originally on Pico, next to Jaipur (adjacent to The Landmark Theater and the soon-to-be-Googleplex formerly known as the Westside Pavilion).


We ordered from Sugarfish (La Brea) right after @NewTrial posted about the company’s vow to retain ALL employees during the pandemic. It must be working because they were unusually fast and everything was incredibly fresh.


Wow that looks a lot better when taken out of the box

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I have enjoyed Sugar(y) Fish @home from time to time pre-pandemic.
Never would think of re-plating it: actually kinda surprised it doesn’t fall apart before it hits the plate, when lifted out of the box. Maybe they are using a rice-biding-agent nowadays.

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I kinda like the 8-bit sugarFish layout in situ, just as it is, in its box… It’s got a certain aesthetic appeal.

And yes, their inconsistent shari is the weakest link here. The Nozawa empire’s enormous buying power at the wholesale fish level may yield really good neta for sugarFish to serve to all its customers, but that rice…

Even so, I find myself ordering a box quite often.


Me too except for the Sashimi plate which looks so cute. :blush: But that’s for Al because in our fam it goes like this…

…plus I can regulate his sodium sauce. :wink:


Because he’s been sneakin’ out and coming back with this…

Bludso’s Curbside Pickup


A is really an OG!