Sushi Pick Up or Delivery

Chef Sugishitas bentos are such a wonderful way of eating these days!! Love everything about his bento boxes. A nice addition to know he’s a gaucho alumni like me! I highly recommend getting a box from him if you haven’t already.


Best bite alert - I just had my best bite of the year (not of quarantine, of the year, maybe the last couple of years) – cold uni soup from Kiriko, topped with tomato jelly (the tomato apparently coming from Ken-san’s backyard garden).

I have had some pretty good meals these last couple of years, from coast to coast, but the uni soup topped them all, and during quarantine yet! I guess cold soup is one dish that is not going to suffer from take out.

I also got a chirashi bowl with crunchy negitoro (with $10 supplement of uni and ikura), which I also got last weekend and which was delicious.

For good measure, since I know I won’t want to go out Saturday in the heat, I picked up a bento to eat tomorrow, although I ate the (very good) tempura from the bento today because I know that you can’t keep tempura overnight.

Kiriko keeps touting mango pudding on its Facebook page, but during quarantine I sadly developed a toxic co-dependent relationship with sugar, so we have quit each other for awhile and I haven’t been able to try the mango pudding.


I should add that for anyone who wants to upgrade their takeout sushi experience, wherever they order their sushi, I ordered Kamebishi three years brewed soy sauce on Amazon and it is a vast improvement over those plastic soy sauce packets (which in any case I always struggle to open). It’s the small pleasures of life during pandemic.


Their mango pudding is all right, but you’ve hit the jackpot with that uni soup.

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I tried Sushi Tsujita for the first time - delivery via Postmates. I was a little underwhelmed by the $50 sushi assortment (pictured) and wished I had driven to Kiroko instead. The ikura and uni weren’t bad, but everything else was meh. And for $50, I was starving afterwards. Even if I had been prescient and knew it wouldn’t be enough, there was no option to add on pieces a la carte. No chopsticks and no soy sauce – I happened to have both at home, but some people might not.


Picked up from the still relatively new Sushi Tama last night.

I went with the 10 piece nigiri omakase, which ran up $45. Overall, it was good–not great–with the best bites coming from the mackerel (duh), otoro, and ikura. For the money, the QPR is there I guess, but I’d really only do it again if I’m in the area and really want sushi.


That would be me. It’s between office & home. I tried to go the other day but their hours didn’t jibe with mine.

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Pick up was super easy as they have a loading zone out front. Beautifully designed restaurant too–for when dine in eventually opens up.

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In Sherman Oaks and want sushi. Where am I going?

I have never been personally but a lot of people always mention Shin Sushi as a favorite.


Cool, I haven’t been either but wanting to go. Thanks!

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order through tock


I’m waiting for it right now! :blush:

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Since I know very little about sushi, what is the mackerel a "duh’ for being one of the best bites? Is it mackerel season?

The “duh” was purely based on personal preference—I just love mackerel :grin:


Thanks for the report. I was really wanting to try Sushi Tama but it’s bit inconvenient for me, and based on your report, I’m not sure I will bother. I too love saba!

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Shin Sushi - Encino

I was kinda’ sorta’ close to the vicinity and always have the thought of What food have I read about on FTC that can be incorporated into this jaunt? Sushi was on my mind. I’ve read in regular times Shin has a strict reservation-only policy, but with the alternate world of Covid I figured things were more lax. I phoned from the parking lot and was informed “no rolls“ (I get that forewarning a lot :slightly_smiling_face:) and only 3 sets to choose from. I said all is fine and they said come on in! It is just the friendly, owner-chef, Taketoshi Azumi, and a sweet helpmate.

Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai “Southern Beauty

This award winning sake is semi-dry, soft, clean, but lush w/a slightly sweet-rice, marshmallow flavor and a fruity creaminess which always reminds me of banana in sake, I got a dash of pepper too. Delicious! :blush:

Miso Soup

Looks plain but is packed with long-cooked seafood, briney, salty, bonito flavors! :hearts:

Omakase Sushi Box

No carmakase or close-ups. I needed to get it back over the hill and on the table within an hour as instructed. Of course, dine-in nigiri is optimum and I look forward to sitting at Take-san’s counter, but Shin’s neta & shari are so enjoyable nonetheless. I didn’t get a chance to savor as usual but iirc the highlights for me - tunas, ikura, marinated salmon, scallop, kanpachi (loved) & sea eel (a little soft but flavorful), the uni got melty but was sweet, creamy & delicious, ebi nigiri was nice, compact & fresh.

Regular Chirashi

Nothing regular about this! :blush: Everything is baby-bite-sized, lol, but melt in your mouth delicious, and the shari is spot-on and flavored really well (maybe on the sweet side for some but I’m no expert). Travelled perfectly. :hearts:

Beverage Selection

Thanks Food Talkers! :sake: :sushi:


Brought home the deluxe chirashi from Sushi ii. I don’t have a lot to say, aside from every bite being phenomenal.


How was the shari?