Sushi Pick Up or Delivery

I think the taste of lemon lends itself more to a sorbet. Next time I do an order I will see if they have the flavors you like. Might have to get that Super Wagamama Don soon!

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Saw that Sushi Tsujita is now available for delivery on Uber Eats, so I helped myself to the assorted nigiri set. For $50, you get eight pieces and a micro don. This is far less expensive than their lunch special, which does include chawanmushi and a handroll. I miss both, but also appreciate the lower barrier to entry.

Today’s selection was a little less adventurous than I expected, but still very enjoyable. The bottom right piece was a home run - I am a sucker for anything smoked. The ikura uni don was also top notch. I’m also very impressed with how quickly this arrived. The rice was perfect and pretty consistent with my dine-in experience.

Lunch special for comparison. Some really fun pieces here, and their tamago is great.

Their excellent kaisendon is also available, and I bet it would hold up well for takeout or delivery.


I’ve seen a bunch of posts about this place. Anybody have intel?

Kappo Osen has a surprisingly legit chirashi (for a place in downtown SM). $20 on Doordash, $28 on Postmates, and I think $21-22 over the phone (don’t quote me on this, might be more. takeout only). Can’t speak to how it compares to the other options in this thread, but pre-covid I would have found $22 for that bowl a steal. It’s definitely on the more substantial side, generally high-quality fish, much better tamago than it needs to be (maybe not tier 1, but that’s a high bar), good rice. Miso soup is also better than it needs to be (w/mushrooms). The sunomono as well.

Salmon donburi is also good. Oyako don… I forgot that those come with ketchup. My bad. Probably my second time having one, so I can’t speak to the faithfulness of the execution.

If you order from the “Japanese Home Food” section via one of the delivery services it seems like they send you a mini “bento” on top of whatever it is you ordered (it’s happened twice, so I assume it wasn’t an accident both times - but didn’t get one when I did takeout!) - includes a random piece of kushiyaki, some fried dumplings, and some kind of random salad (have seen both green salad and potato(?) salad). Mostly mediocre, though the kushiyaki is at least largely inoffensive (out of three I tried, one was too salty, the others were ok).

Stick to the fish.

Edit: I wrote this post before I’d decided on dinner, with results that ought to have been predictable in retrospect. Enjoy.

They claim it is “11 pieces”, which is an undercount even if you stick strictly to “would appropriately be considered a piece of sashimi”. Today was 3 salmon, 2 tuna, 2 albacore, 2 snapper, 2 yellowtail, and 1 amaebi. (12, for those keeping track at home.) Also some ikura (consistently a miss, for me - tastes like it came from the plastic tub you buy at the Russian deli), generous scoops of spicy salmon(?) and crab mix (not sure if real), and of course the tamago. It may not be clear from the photo, but the pieces of fish are large - easily 50-100% larger than what you get on nigiri.


I was on an errand this afternoon and walked by Sushi Sushi on South Beverly Drive and it appears to have reopened for takeout – there was a table outside blocking the door advising of same – but strangely the sign said it was open until 2:00 p.m. for lunch takeout, but it was before 2:00 p.m. and the door was blocked and no one appeared to be inside, so I’m not sure what is going on there.

So I swung by Kiriko this afternoon for what seems to be my ritual Friday afternoon pickup. Scallop sushi was really good and didn’t seem any worse for the wear due to pickup, which was a nice surprise. Rum raisin ice cream available today, but Ken-san kind of talked me out of it because he kept emphasizing how much rum was in the ice cream that I actually began to think I might die of alcohol poisoning, so I opted instead for vanilla (which was very good).

For vegans on the Board, the sign outside Kiriko was advertising a lot of vegetarian bento, with tofu and the like, which actually sounded really delicious and I might opt for that next time.


Not sushi per se but stopped by Kiriko to pick up some sorbet. I got Shiso and mango/kiwi. Both are ridiculously good on a hot day like today :slight_smile:


I got carded by Ken-san when buying this rum raisin ice cream earlier this week. And I survived it / loved it. It is basically a frozen cocktail which happens to have some raisins in it. Sublime.


Chirashi from Sushi Tsujita $30.
Was tasty but not on Shin/Chef Jimmy tier


Not sure of appropriate location but didn’t want to start a new thread - has anyone tried the dry aged salmon from The Joint in Sherman Oaks? ~ $38/lb

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Would love to hear a report on this. Is this cured at all?

seems like the answer is no:

There’s no salt involved in his dry-aging process.


To me, having cured many many salmon, this seems ill advised, but like I said would love to hear report!

I’m assuming this is Josh Niland inspired. I’d be down to try cooked 120. I mean it did start off as an oraking so it’s a quality fatty salmon to begin with

Here’s a thread on dry aged fish from a couple years ago Old Fish Makes the Best Sushi - #23 by Sgee if you’re interested.

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Their wet smoked salmon at the joint is insanely good. Salty, sweet smoky goodness, it is pricy though. I bought it twice during the covid lock down period and paired it with some good rustic bread.


Thanks, yes I am aware, it just seems like a long time especially for salmon, its probably not caught by Japanese fisherman and destined to become sushi. Hadn’t heard of this specific place. Will check out sometime myself and report back.

This is the salmon provenance pre aging if your interested

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very interesting, especially this note:

Only 10 TYEE per month are available to fine dining restaurants across the world.

To tweezerchef’s point, I suppose it’s notable that this NZ operation only has website options for English/Japanese.

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Im guessing the high fat content of the salmon makes it makes it more suitable for extended ageing

I think you’re starting to see non-Japanese fishermen / farm operations adopt Japanese practices ie Ikejime.

I’ve ordered Ora King several times now and it’s a high grade fish and operation. Also seem to be the in-vogue salmon source at higher end restaurants these days. Haven’t been to the Joint myself but seems legit from what I’ve seen on his instagram.