Sushi Saito - Hong Kong

If you can’t get ressies in Tokyo or make it to the branch in KL…opening later this month


This decade will be the Era of Uber High End Omakase Proliferation.

Seriously the sushi masters are sending their apprentices to KL, Bangkok, Taipei, HK, etc. That’s alot of expensive sushi and it boggles my mind to think how many rich Asians are buying into it.

Sushi Saito (3 Michelin star Tokyo) Hong Kong location at the Four Seasons Hotel, with 10% mandatory service fee. For the first week they are only taking VIP customers. Two days out of that week, VIPs will be served by Saito san himself who will design the special menus for the evening. The cost? US$818 per person. When Saito’s apprentice starts as head chef (after grand opening), lunch will be about US$208 with 14 pieces sushi and soup, dinner runs about US$462 with 6 appetizers and 10 pieces sushi.

(The amusing part of the video, how come they show another restauarant Sushisho Saito around the 0:39 mark?)

$818 :sob::sob:

It’s impossible to dine there right now unless you’re staying at Four Seasons or a VIP of Global Link. I tried every possible way to make a reservation there for late Nov or early Dec but no dice! :rage:

Just book a room at the 4 seasons…

I really looked into that…but when the cheapest room on a weekday is $680 USD…

Stay a night and then downgrade. Or find someone with a corporate rate to book you a room.

I already appropriated my Sushi Saito funds into multiple other meals. Belon’s on that list (you and @BradFord perked my interest!) provided that they’re willing to seat me in the dining room and add their signature pigeon course to the chef’s menu. I’m just waiting for them to email back…

Good luck with Belon, wonder if they will ‘substitute’ white truffles in their mille crepe for winter? Such a brilliant method to serve truffles me thinks.

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Thanks for informing me that they serve a truffle mille crepe since I didn’t see that on their menu! On the other hand, I’m sure they will do a white truffle one if you pay them enough for an entire mille crepe.

Why waste time with Sushi Saito Hong Kong if they are only letting VIPs have easier access? You will end up not having a good time when there are more people who go there to be seen, those who got in who are disrespectful to the food and culture and misbehave, while wearing suits and dresses, and it will be harder to enjoy. Also possible you might not be able to get the main counter and get the 2nd room with the sous chef.

There are tons of other choices in town for high end sushi. I would say try Sushi Nakamoto (lunch is cheaper and chef is from Sushi Ichiyanagi in Tokyo), maybe Sushi Yoshi (2 Michelin star from Osaka for something a bit more modern unusual). Or try the warm sake bar and cooked dish place Godenya (Kau Yu Fong). Ta Vie might be a better choice even. I do look forward to your Belon report though!

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Can you tell me about Sushi Nakamoto? Lunch doesn’t sound so bad but I can’t even find their website! How do I make a reservation there???

Besides sushi, I read about VEA Restaurant and Lounge today which intrigued me. It’s a French restaurant with Cantonese influence by a HK born chef who trained a bit at Daniel. Also, having counter/open kitchen seating for a lone diner like myself doesn’t hurt either so I’ll probably dine there as well. I’m hoping for a little Benu-like experience in terms of food.

VEA’s sample menu. It’s not full fledged Benu yet, but many Cantonese ingredients are worked in…which begs the question…should I go to Bo Innovation instead???

As for Belon, I was presented with this menu:

Other than the pigeon pithivier and millefeuille, the menu really isn’t very interesting IMO especially given the price which isn’t very “bistro” like…I did ask that they take out the charcuterie and foie course and add in a fish and truffle mille crepe course. Thoughts on the menu? @BradFord @Sgee @beefnoguy ?

Nakamoto you can try checking Instagram. Their FB page: 鮨中本 Sushi Nakamoto 

All I know is that it’s one of the newer high end omakase entries that seems a bit more closer to the real deal than the overhyped and super expensive but doesn’t deliver kind of places.

If it were me I’d skip Bo Innovation and hit up Ta Vie instead.

You can look into Akrame.or the new Arbor ( but for the latter see if you can time it right and check their instagram or facebook for upcoming events where chef Eric Raty does collaboration dinners dubbed “Four Hands Dinner” (most recently with Lacime Osaka, and Ryujiro Nakamura of Sushi Umi Tokyo), hopefully there is an interesting one when you go.

One more place you can consider, David Lai’s Neighborhood Redirecting...

@Sgee Sorry about going off rail in your thread!

@beefnoguy Neighborhood sounds good but I’m running out of free meal slots especially since i gotta save time for local eateries too! I current have the following reservations made:

L’Atelier de Robuchon, Tin Lung Heen, Amber, Ta Vie, The Eight, Robuchon Au Dome, Lung King Heen, Tasting Court, RyuGin, The Chairman

Inquiring on the following:
VEA, Belon, Sushi Nakamoto

From what I can tell, Belon serves well executed classic french dishes, the menu seems to fit the bill. Kinda like Le CouCou or Neige d’été

LOL you have a lot of reservations already for fine dining and yet you are piling on more!

What’s on your radar for local eats / blue collar delights?

Let me know how easy or fussy the reservation is for Sushi Nakamoto. I’ve a feeling that I may go but may squander that quota on local sake bars instead, of which the scene is growing. Or go to one of those local craft breweries to taste that beer where each bottle has a character representing a Cantonese cuss word (variations on body parts, the F word etc).

Hi @beefnoguy! Thanks for the recs.


Bear in mind a lot of the places I recommended I have yet to try, but in combing my resources along with sources that I trust, I believe them to be worthwhile (meaning if I were on the ground and had time, I would give it a try). Of course by all means do additional research before taking the plunge.

Mui Kee, Mak’s Noodle, Tsim Chai Kee, Kau Kee, Kam’s Roast Goose, Fei Jie, Tai Cheong Bakery, Australia Dairy Company, and random local eateries around my neighborhood in Tun Muen

I took your suggestion and PM them on FB. They then sent me a picture of what they wrote down on their reservation log “confirming” my reservation. So no hassle at all.

Here’s their current lunch menu:

I was told that their Hana Omakase consist of “sashimi delicacy sushi and a toro roll around 12-13 dishes”

Gotta make good use of my time there! 50% fine dining / 50% blue collar delights!