Sushi sho dinner

@BradFord and others who have eaten multiple times at sushi sho in Honolulu, do their offerings generally change from season to season. We had one of the best meals of our lives there in June and were thinking about going back for another dinner in January.

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I’ve only been there 3x I think, maybe 4? Lots of items were similar, especially the regional otsumami like the “Lau Lau.” You’ll likely start with some oyster and also mirugai with cress. There was some change with seasonal fishes, naturally, but most dishes I’ve noticed have been fairly similar or at least reminded me of other ones from before with slight variation. It’s been too long and I need to go back - maybe February.

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Awesome thanks for the advice we still might go or just go nuts at senia.

Did you guys have trouble reaching the restaurant for reservations? Been calling between 2-4 local time, but no one picks up.

Funny you asked. I got through on the 10th call. Tenth.

I suggest you call harder.

I’ve actually never had a problem both times I called they picked up right away. It was around 3pmish

Of course after I posted here, they picked up on my first attempt. Must be the FTC effect :rofl: Called around 3:40. Thanks for the quick response guys, can’t wait to try it out!


It’s real. They know that FTCers won’t say n00b things like “go light on the rice” or “could you box that up to go?”

Glad you got that rezzie.

I always just say “no rice please, I’m on keto”

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I’ll go in saying “I’ll have what hungryhungryhippos is having, yo…”

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I’ll have what @hungryhungryhippos isn’t having.

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AKA their omakase.