Sushi with Kids--West LA

Hi. Trying to find a great, but casual sushi spot where it’s fine to bring kids. We tried Hide last weekend and it was fine, but wondering where else people go. It has to have some cooked food as the kids don’t eat sushi. Thanks!

Wadatsumi by Harikawa (on Pico, just west of Westside Pavilion).

@J_L, any opinions on Yabu?

I wish a place like Harikawa would open in my neck of the woods (Wilshire/Beverly Grove) Interesting selections, affordable and something for everyone. Until FTC, I never really realized what a no-man’s land I live in when it comes to sushi.

My kids love Kula Revolving Sushi Bar on Sawtelle. Not bad for it’s inexpensive prices. Very kid friendly. They do ramen & tempura too.

Hamasaku is kid friendly.

I enjoy Noma on Wilshire and 22nd in Santa Monica. It’s been up and down over the last 10 years as ownership has changed repeatedly. But I’ve found the current iteration to be good. Wide selection of sushi and non-sushi items at a reasonable price.

I also might be biased as this is the first place I ate raw fish when I was around eleven years old (so a long time ago).

Nagao in Brentwood, is good and I see kids and teens there regularly. They have tempura, teriyaki ect.

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+1 to Hide and Kula. My kids also like Irori in MdR because of you sit on the “floor” (tatami mats on an elevated floor around a table with room underneath for your feet). Ninjin in Santa Monica is decent and kid-friendly and affordable, even moreso if you have a KCRW Fringe Benefits card (for being a donor/subscriber), which gets you another 15% off.

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These are all great! I appreciate the suggestions. Thank you!

Meh noodle joint, not much offered in the way of sushi at all.

Additional thoughts: Kiriko (Sawtelle) has a tatami table. Also, Kiriko has many cooked dishes as well for the kids.

Kula: I don’t really care for Kula (or any other kaiten places in L.A. for that matter), but when prizes fall from the sky, the kids should be entertained.

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Kiriko is a good choice - it always makes kids welcome (though their platform seating has long been removed).

And a special mention must me made of Mori, where the staff go above and beyond in delighting small and big children.

Agree that Nagao is very kid friendly

I don’t want to praise him too much because he obviously could care less about his knife cuts (sloppy but generous) anymore but there is a nice casual hospitality there and Nagao himself has a nice sense of humor. He has a most of the standard neta, fish quality is pretty good and I’m always surprised at how little I pay for how much I eat there. Can’t figure out why his Unagi handroll is so good but his nori seems to be toasted more/stay crisper than most places and the tare more interesting.


plus kula now has that very cool delivery system that will allow you to order on a little computer pad at your table and they have a second belt that will deliver the dishes directly to your table.

if any of the adults have any “kid” in them (i.e. are easily entertained with gizmos), this gear has the potential to keep them amused.


The Newly remodeled Kula is truly out of the Jetson’s

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