Sushi Yamamoto (Beverly Hills): A Pictorial Essay

As many of us avid restaurant-goers recall, for years THE destination go-to place in SoCal for high end sushi was Ginza Sushi-ko. Chef Masa Takayama made his reputation at this exclusive Two Rodeo space before his relocation to New York, ultimately handing things off to a very capable Chef Hiroyuki Urasawa in 2003. Like his predecessor, Hiro-san maintained an extreme high level of quality at Urasawa with his legendary sushi kappo offerings.

Alas, Urawasa closed during the pandemic. But by this time however, L.A. was already concomitantly boasting a bevy of other high temples of sushi and Japanese cuisine. I wondered what fate would befall that iconic second-floor space on Rodeo Drive…

The answer to that question would be Sushi Yamamoto! Headed by Chef Yusuke Yamamoto, a new sushi hotspot in Beverly Hills is reborn. My soft opening dinner omakase there earlier this month was eye-opening and delicious. The pictures show some of the highlights in this meal.

Buildout: Similar to Urasawa, the L-shaped bar remains a 2+6 seat affair, with the exception of the private table being 86’ed (for now). Soft wood tones and low lighting convey a cozy feel.

Chef Yusuke’s neta presentation…

Opener: “Hash Brown & Eggs”: A tongue-in-cheek homage to McDonald’s, potato and sushi rice are deep-fried and served with toro tatare and Astrea caviar, and I’m lovin’ it.

Matzo fish cake and daikon in clear shiro ebi broth, topped with yuzu flower bud: Delightful broth.

Sashimi: Honmaguro chu-toro and o-toro…

Shirauo enjoys a relatively short peak season. Here, it is served tempura-style and covered with karasumi. This dish hits it out of the park, especially with some sake!

Hotate with slight grill, paired with ikura and radish blossoms: Superb.

Sushi Yamamoto is a client of Astrea Caviar, as my new friend sitting next to me commented. #Clayfluenced

Bafun uni, from Hokkaido… These tasty morsels were doled out generously to each guest in the form of a handroll.

Negitoro roll was a great way to end the savory portion of dinner…

Tiffany & Co. x Yamamoto collaboration in this dessert: House-made black sesame soft serve ice cream with Harry’s Berries and Japanese shiroi houseki (white jewel) strawberry… Fantastic.

Service is warm and attentive. Special shout-out to sommelier Teppei-san, who brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. A worthy new tenant in an auspicious space, Sushi Yamamoto is off to a great start. Still in its soft open phase on my visit, their grand opening is anticipated very soon.


Sushi Yamamoto
218 N. Rodeo Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


which model?


the sushi seems to be conspicuously missing.

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Thx for catching the typo. Sushi rice was good. Not too heavy- handed with vinegar. Will try to upload more photos later.

indeed! back when he was doing in home private dinners he started using us and continued on in the new space. #blessed


How much is the dinner?


Thanks - is that including tax and tip?


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is ginza onodera the only one that has gratuity included in their price nowadays?

Not the same level, but Kazunori has gratuity included.

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May reservations now available on Tock.