Sushi Yasuda: Still top notch

First time back in a few months. My last visit in May I was at the tables and felt the quality had slipped. Today at the sushi bar in the back, the meal was stellar. Rice is still perfect texture wise. Fish is pristine. The amazing part is 10 years ago it was the most exepnsive omakase in town at $120pp. Prices haven’t changed and it’s now the best QPR anywhere. About 20 pieces of top end sushi for $120. Tip is included. Oh yeah, and the itame was female. So much for female chefs not being able to do top notch sushi.

Just a couple of shots from today:


Looks excellent. That eel flight is the best. I have been having good experiences with Mitsu at the re-vamped sushi bar off to the side. Some people might not like the 90-minute thing, but I find it an enjoyable pace as when I’m in NYC I’m always busy!