Szechuan Impression

Good dinner at Szechuan Impression. Enjoyed the Bobo Chicken, Smoked Ears, and the Glutinous Dessert.

Service was at first overbearing for the order. Then practically absent after that. The waitress strongly encouraged to order dessert when we ordered the meal (wasn’t late) and said it would come later. Everything came at the same time. We tried to clear enough space to have our dessert, no one bothered to clear the table despite there being a gaggle of servers on the floor. The warm dessert definitely would have been tastier if it came when we were ready to eat it. Service is definitely much better at Chengdu Taste.

Man, do I need a beer when I eat at these places though!


Their smoked rib is also delicious.

Re: beer - we always bring beer or wine and Starbucks to-go cups with lids. Bottles stay in a soft-sided thermal bag under the table, poured booze stays in coffee cups on top of table. Never had a problem yet.

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that’s some dedication to the liquor life, Helen.

@CiaoBob, you reading?

also, of note, the Irvine location, when it arrives in November, will have a beer license. not that anyone will drive out to Irvine just to eat SI with beer, but…

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Indeed I am.
And taking copious notes.

Ha. I like a good bottle of riesling or grower champagne with my Sichuan, what can I say!!


this is a very good restaurant; so refined for sichuan food; such cute little waitresses

And it’s even getting better as of late.

How so chrishei?

so you’re the one who keeps giving her your number on the check…

Will be in LA again at the end of the month and thinking we’ll finally eat at Szechuan Impression. This is a request for recommendations of things they do particularly well–I don’t care very much if some of these are more “standard” dishes or not.

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I like Chinese girls because they don’t have much in the way of inhibitions or pretenses. Except when they’re rich, then they’re insufferable.

I must say, my pals and I had a fantastic meal there a couple of months ago. I also appreciated the interesting variety of good non-alcoholic beverages on offer.

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[quote=“Alkiegourmand, post:12, topic:584”]
I like Chinese girls because they don’t have much in the way of inhibitions
[/quote]no. wrong. you have no idea.

try putting it up the bum.


Haha. No I’m afraid of the capsaicin.

Sorry to make this all about me but this is not helping me figure out what to order at Szechuan Impression.


For those of us who are unfamiliar w/ the cuisine, could you give a brief description of each? The first dish looks particularly lovely…

Much of Sichuan cuisine can be characterized by “ma la” flavoring–that is numbing (ma) flavor from Sichuan peppercorns; and spicy (la) flavor from dried red chiles–along with lots and lots of oil. You see that in four of the six pictures.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Now what about the other tow? :wink:

Afaik, you’re not “here” yet , when you announce your arrival, I’ll have the new December Szechuan Impression menu ready for you, and curated.