Tabletop Steak Grill heats up to 1500F in 3mins!

This looks like a game changer. Tabletop grill and heats up to 1500F in 3 mins. & Made in Germany!!

Home salamander?

große grüne Tischplatte?

Only $1,200?

Talk about a “one trick pony”!

Basically looks like one.

I am tempted to get it, the convenience of 3min to 1500F temp. Only thing I’m concerned about is cleanup - I can imagine the oil splattering all over those little nooks and crevices. With my charcoal grill, no worries about oil etc, just burn the heck out of it all. Granted its takes me longer to cook ~ 1hr, schlepping out the grill and firing up charcoal etc.

The broiler top comes off so the it looks like you could put the bottom in the sink and use a sprayer.

While the Roccbox only gets up to around 950, and takes at least 20 minutes to do so, at that temperature you don’t have to clean the interior as everything gets reduced to powder. I imagine this device does the same thing. I have only done a few steaks on the Roccbox using a cast iron pan. Impressive results.

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Excellent point, ebd.

Checked out the demo today, works quite well. 7 mins cooking time

20180906_151716 20180906_153023 20180906_151654 20180906_152006


I’d say that we do steaks of that thickness about ten minutes total.

I thought about this and realized that the rest of a dinner gets started before the grill gets lit to warm up so three minutes means nothing to us. Also can you cook all your vegetables on it at the same time as your steak? Like this:


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