"Tachos" -what a great dish!

(If this should be moved, please do so.)

We went to a new-to-us place and had “tachos,” tater tots done up like nachos. We already fix TJs “Potato Tots” and I see this in our future :slight_smile:


Nope. I disagree with moving this. I’m talking about the dish not the restaurant.

Oh and why do you think it’s Reno/Tahoe?

Those look really tasty: would be fun to riff on the idea.

Where did you originally post this?

“Uncategorized.” Because it really doesn’t fit elsewhere.

And thanks. I could go back there this minute :slight_smile:

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Maybe “Non-regional discussions” would work, but I’m thinking you were right with the “Uncategorized” decision.

@ipsedixit or @robert - could this be moved to a more appropriate category?

Those look really good. I like this idea too:



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What are those, @Seamunky?

Potato tots pressed into little cups and baked till crisp then filled with your favorite toppings. I just googled “loaded tot cups” for the images. Today I learned that there are lots of fun variations on the doctored up potato tot theme.

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I didn’t do “Home Cooking” since it’s not really cooking :slight_smile:

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I’m drooling over those!!! AND I have ‘tots’ in the freezer and lots of other things. Yay for Seamunky!

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Another yummy-looking dish that’s been popping up on the LA board - Mole Tots.

Mole Tots (last picture), at Amor Y Tacos, Norwalk

Mole Tot Poutine (last picture) at Playa Amor, Long Beach