Taco/etc. stands next to oakland flea market

spurred by this article

most all of these places are open fri-sun ~8am-~4pm, cash highly preferred but some take zelle

a running overview of what i’ve tried:
Las Cazuelas

guisados are decent, tortilla quality is good.

Tacos Al Pastor

good al pastor; the gringa is a very satisfying quesadilla - good flour tortilla;

Birria los Pallilos

outstanding birria - worth paying a bridge toll for; the quality/cooking of the meat, the spicing, the consomme are all very good but not distinctively unique in style a la some of the well-known birria places in LA. they also make a bean taco which is extremely outstanding - beans have wonderful spicing and the tacos are lightly fried with great tortilla texture. if you are into gelatinous texture, their menudo is also outstanding - but absolutely only if you are very into gelatinous texture of tripe/trotter. the flavor of the broth is deeply satisfying.

Barbacoa Tres Generaciones
pretty good barbacoa, but pretty standard in style. comparable to the barbacoa stands at the richmond pulga (A Quest For Ximbo, Chicken Barbacoa, in the Bay Area - Eater LA). tortilla quality is very good, but i felt like the salsas were all a bit too sharp and not quite fitting the barbacoa.

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