Taco Shop Love

Made it to Martiza’s yesterday for their Wednesday special carnitas plate. Or I should say, plates. On the main plate, there’s a big pile of house-cooked, perfectly shredded carnitas, a couple of those great chips of theirs, and some beans ordinaires with a tad of cheese on top, and some rice. On the other plate, there are several slices of avocado and several tomato slices, a slice of onion, a lime wedge, plenty of cilantro, some minced fresh serranos, and four sturdy full-size corn tortillas. I made four great tacos out of these (adding some of that winner salsa), and still had a decent pile of meat left over. I managed to eat everything, but this “plate” is easily enough for two people.

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Be sure to ask for extra red sauce – Carmen will be more than happy to accommodate.

P.S. Maritza’s is named after Carmen’s daughter, just as Carmen’s off CMB is named after her mother (another good spot, BTW, with the same family recipe for salsa).

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Sounds delish…well, besides the meat.

Doc, I think you meant to say . . . just as Carmen’s is named after her “daughter”. And yes the carnitas are the shiznit. Only on Wednesdays and usually sells out by 6:30.

The red sauce is their enchilada sauce and again is home made. Absolutely delicious and addictive stuff. I especially like it mixed with the relleno rice and beens, and a generous portion of their salsa all scooped up with one of their thick killer chips! Heaven on a chip. Even better if you get the #8 (chili relleno with a chk ench) with extra red sauce.

And I’d put their CAB up against anyones. Very high quality carne cooked perfectly tender and juicy.

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Don’t know if this really counts because I never have had tacos from them, but the chicken soup at Jorge’s up in Encinitas is great. The SO just got over a bout of the flu and that carried her through her sickness. Also some Rico’s breakfast burritos helped out as well. Could Rico’s be the only Greek taco shop in the SD area?

You didn’t go to La Especial for their kick ass chicken soup?

Is El Callejon still in Encinitas?
The owner, Jourdain, used to race Formula One…:rocket:

Still in Encinitas (but closed in Vista) and still just OK food

Hello Stevie,

Yes, Jorge’s Mexicatessen (Encinitas) makes some great Texacoco soup! I too get this Mexican miracle cold cure when the family is under the weather. Norte Especial is my other go to Mexican soup place with a lot of different and delicious choices.

One of our favorite lunch places in the area used to be Mr. Greek’s Burrito. First in San Marcos across from Restaurant Row, and then in the La Costa shopping center by the long defunct supermarket. Sadly they closed a couple years ago, so Ricos could well be it for Greek/Mexican fusion in North County. But, there is still Meze in Misson Valley, and OB Kabob in Ocean Beach (Taco Tuesday), both serving delicious Greek inspired tacos.

Rudy’s Taco shop in La Costa is also pretty darn good and makes a damn fine CAB.

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Hi Plumeria,

I am a huge F1 fan. Probably have watched every race since 1990 and watched whatever was broadcast before that. Have been to a few races as well. While Bernard Jourdain was never an F1 driver, he did drive Indy/CART cars and competed in the Indy 500, and also some endurance racing (Daytona & Sebring). He is also the Uncle and mentor to race car driver Michel Jourdain Jr., who drove in Indy and NASCAR.

That said, the best thing about El Callejon is their location and their Margeritas.I find their food marginal, but they do make some very good Margies!

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My bad…
Indy…I played golf with him about 10 years ago at Lomas Santa Fe and we totally connected and it wasn’t until the back nine, that I asked him if he worked and Bernard says he races car and I’m like what kind, he said Indy and I flipped out…
I’ve always wanted to race Porsche’s and I ended buying beers all day talking the circuit…
Totally cool guy!

Sorry, yes of course. I really tripped over my wording. I meant to say “just as Carmen’s is named after its owner’s daughter”, or something like that (or the way you put it). Thanks for the correction.

La Especial Norte always closes the first couple of weeks in Jan. I think the family goes back down to Mexico for a little R&R.

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Is Rudy’s the same owner as in Solana Beach?

Yes, I believe it is.

That’s cool! I actually never knew that the restaurant was owned by Jourdain. Dont remember seeing any racing memorabilia there, but would go just to see that and have a few drinks.

Besides the Tacos de Papas, what are your favorites at Mama Testas?

We like the totopos, though they are nothing special. The Shrimp tacos smothered in white sauce are pretty good as well, but nothing yet that wows us.

In this weeks Coastal News, there is an article about El Callejon getting booted out of Moonlight Plaza by the property owners. I guess there was no long term lease and Jourdain was just going month to month. While it was’t my favorite place, it just sucks when a long term place that seems to be doing well and has plenty of fans, gets the axe for some “moving in a different direction” type place. I guess Jourdain is scrambling to find a new location. Tony’s is getting a remodel??? I really didn’t think that as long as mom was there, she would let anybody touch it. I will admit the bar area was a little skunky, but the rest of it was just funky and cool. Now I am cheesed that we didn’t go last Saturday because I didn’t want to go out because I had the flu.

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I’m hoping the 2016 season is less of a bore than the previous couple of seasons. Maybe with the new engine regs, we won’t see Rosberg and Hamilton and the Mercedes evil empire dominate the leader board. And, heck, maybe Haas F1 might even take the podium. Then again, maybe the sun will rise from the west too.

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I like the catfish tacos and the guisados. Really love their salsa bar and having some different than your normal taco shop options. However, they have been very inconsistent and when the owner is there the food is very good and when he hasn’t been there the food is just been okay. Reminds me of an old LA CH thread about chef Sergio (if you ever read that board).

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2016 F1 in Austin, TX Oct. 30th!