Taco Shop Love

Let’s hear your fave taco shops around the County…

Gualberto’s off Claremont Mesa/163…LOVE this place!
Fresh carrots with fresh jalapeños, chips, salsa bar…excellent food.

Roberto’s in Solana Beach on PCH & Del Mar/ Carmel Valley rd…view of lagoon/beach/Torrey Pines.

Las Cuatro Milpas…oh hell yes!
Bety’s in Encinitas
Los Charros in Esco in old Pizza Hut
Oscar’s and Bahia in PB/ Bird Rock for fish tacos!!

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It’s no secret I’m fond of Super Sergio’s.

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City Tacos and especially Tacos Perla get my vote.

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Last 2 days, I’ve been at SS and I always think of His Majesty, Fakey…
Love the smell of carnuba and exhaust, while I’m eating at the orange tables…solid.

Mama Testa

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+1 on City Tacos.

And if you go today (Tuesday), all tacos are $3. Hard to beat.

Mama testa
Taco bar
Mi rancho market (Escondido)
Cotixan (food meh but like the orange salsa)
TJ oyster bar

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Didn’t know that Mama Testa’s moved to Mira Mesa.…that is closer to me , since I hit up the TJ’s at Scripps Pkwy/ MM blvd.
They have an excellent crunchy potato taco that is outstanding.
Thanks Honk!

Anyone been to Galaxy Tacos?
Is the blue corn tortilla a :+1::-1:?

Tacos Perlas tacos looks so good…

It’s a thumbs up for me. I’ve been to Galaxy Taco and I like it. Yeah, it’s pricey, but the quality of the products are good and, I think, justify the price. Really liked their cocktails as well.

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I agree. We have been several times including the outstanding Dia de los Muertos dinner. It is not a standard taco shop experience but it is not meant to be. Full bar, decent wine selection and good beers. Excellen! Give it a try.

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I’ve also been to Galaxy Tacos and agree with DD and eatmeup. Not cheap, but worth it.

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You would have known this had you not abandoned us back at the old digs.

Tacos al Panson

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I could say I just got out of prison or that I was having gender reassignment surgery, or better yet, I was sailing in the Tyrrhenian Sea…

I let you figure out which one is correct.



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Just for those chips alone and their kick ass hot salsa…
Love looking at those pics!
How is their Chile relleno or guac tacos…yum!

The chile relleno is pretty decent, especially after slathering it with that great salsa.

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That and I love their red sauce combined with relleno rice and beans

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Man, that sounds so good with rice and beans…dipping those gorgeous chips in the beans with that hot red sauce, all over…
Craving BIG TIME!!